Witchcraft Using Bananas

Witchcraft Using Bananas

Witchcraft using bananas is based on herbs that are fully secure and do not have any side effects. Everybody does witchcraft on such fruits that are edible. While Non-vegetarian people can also eat, Bananas but vegetarians do not eat any kind of meat so it is hard for witches to perform witchcraft. However, witchcraft using Bananas can be done easily and effectively. The method to do witchcraft using a banana is as follows.


Take a fresh banana, a red ribbon, and a piece of sheepskin, and reflect upon that which you attempt the truth about. Now light a white candle, clear your mind from negativity, and be enthusiastic about your goal of a witchcraft spell. Write what you want to know on the back of the sheepskin and it towards you three times, then, slice the banana, and push the paper into it. It is time to tie the red ribbon around the banana to seal off it, and make sure to have a more farseeing strand bound, so you can hang the banana. This witchcraft spell uses Bananas and there are, many other spells that can be performed with the proper use of Bananas.

Are Witchcraft Spells Real?

Now, let’s look at whether witch spells are real. As someone who has been working with people to cast spells for many years, my answer is that indeed witch spells are real. As I keep saying, if they were not real, we would not be talking about them.

However, I think the question we should be asking is whether all those who claim that they have witchcraft spells are real. I am sorry to disappoint you, but there are many people who want to claim that they know how to do with spells but have no idea what they are talking about. This is the reason why you always need to be careful when people are making promises.


Is Witchcraft Real and Does It Really Work?

Okay, so you are still asking whether the witch is real and does witchcraft really works. I think the fact that you are asking questions like how real witchcraft is on its own is enough evidence that it exists. If it didn’t exist, do you think we would have a word for it?

However, even though we say witchcraft is real, you still need to understand that the word does not just mean one thing. I say this because there are different types of witchcraft. Some people believe that a witch is a person who wakes up in the middle of the night and goes out to do bad things to other people. Of course, this is a common understanding in many communities. However, it is a misplaced one.

Proof That Witchcraft Is Real

For people who ask, if witchcraft is real, I have a challenge for you. What made you ask the question? I bet it is because you have heard or seen someone practicing witchcraft. If this were not the case, you wouldn’t have been asking that question. If you have seen anyone using dolls and poppets, then you have seen a witch before.

You don’t even need to go too far to see that witchcraft. If you have seen people using medicines contained in bottles and jars, then you have seen a witch. These people may be using candles, rocks, crystals, bones, water, or air to help people achieve their dreams of health, wealth, and love

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