Why is nyaope dangerous

Why is nyaope dangerous

Why is nyaope dangerous.Nyaope is a street drug that is ravaging informal settlements, poor communities, and city centers across South Africa. But It is available at a low price and is physically addictive; this results in users quickly becoming addicted and terrorizing communities for that next high. Nyaope is primarily made up of low-grade heroin.  It appears as a white or brown powder that is Because nyaope is physically addictive, users can experience severe withdrawal symptoms such as:

The effects of whoonga typically wear off in 6 to 24 hours, allowing for the onset of unpleasant side effects. These include stomach cramps, backaches, sweating, chills, anxiety, restlessness, depression, nausea, and also, diarrhea. More serious side-effects include internal bleeding, stomach ulcers, and potentially death.
Prior substance use and co-substance use were also frequently noted as risk factors for nyaope usage [6, 29, 33, 35,36,37,38,39, 44]. The most commonly used substance associated with nyaope use was cannabis [29, 33, 35,36,37], and also, other substances commonly used were tobacco and alcohol [6, 29, 35, 36, 38, 39, 44].
Besides personal and family distress, additional healthcare costs and loss of future productivity place burdens on the community.
Risk factors
  • Family history of addiction. Drug addiction is more common in some families and likely involves an increased risk based on genes. …
  • Mental health disorder. …
  • Peer pressure. …
  • Lack of family involvement. …
  • Early use. …
  • Also, Taking a highly addictive drug.
Nyaope, a cocktail drug commonly used in the Tshwane townships, has been well-documented to be highly addictive and very difficult to quit. but The resultant difficulties include financial, social, also mental, specifically depression and anxiety.
Signs and symptoms of the use of Dagga and Nyaope – Ridge Times
People who take Nyaope may have: Infections of the blood, heart, skin, liver, and kidneys. Problems breathing and pneumonia. Muscle and bone pain. Vomiting and diarrhea.

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The consequences of nyaope addiction are long-lasting and devastating, not only for the addict but their families and their communities. needs assistance learning to cope and manage life without the use of substances. Why is Nyaope dangerous? If you or a loved one need assistance with detoxing from Nyaope – know that help is readily available. The road to recovery is not always an easy one but getting yourself or your loved one the best care from the team at Crossroads Recovery Centre provides you with a map to sober, healthy living. No matter how bad things seem, there is hope and it’s just a phone call away. But  If you or anyone close to you needs help with an addiction to sex, gambling, substances, alcohol

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