Who is a Sangoma?

Who is a Sangoma?

Who is a Sangoma? A Sangoma is a traditional medicine practitioner, or shaman, of South Africa. Sangomas communicate with Ancestors, work with plant medicine (herbalism), and use the power of prayer for healing. While most practice all three, you will find others that work solely with one or any combination of these methods.

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A Sangoma is a highly respected healer among the Zulu people of South Africa who diagnoses, prescribes, and often performs rituals to heal a person physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually.

I provide a wide range of services to both individuals and couples. Being one person, I am able to give my clients personalized quality service. Below, is a list of the services that I offer to my clients along with a brief description.

The list below is by no means all-inclusive, please feel free to inquire about a service if you do not see it listed.

Sangoma meaning.

The different healers or healing roles. healer – meaning “from the drum” – a drum person. One who works in a trance state and communicates to the ancestors on your behalf, calls in the spirits and uses their assistance in divination, reading oracles such as bones, and diagnoses what may be the cause of your illness.

Sangoma calling signs

A sangoma is believed to be “called” to heal through an initiation illness; symptoms involve psychosis, headaches, intractable stomach pain, shoulder, and neck complaints, short breath, swollen feet, and waist issues or illnesses that cannot be cured by conventional methods.

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Sangomas have got a lot of uses, Therefore some of the healer benefits are listed below:

  • Cleansing/ Removing bad luck in relationships.
  • Reversing marriage curse.
  • Bring back lost love.
  • Recover stolen goods from your partner.
  • Getting lucky in marriage
  • And also, Protection from negative spirits.

Sangoma benefits:-

  1. Cleans Bad Luck ( Amabadi)
  2. Reverses man made problems ( isinyama)
  3. Restores your natural aura and charm ( uthandeke )
  4. Opens up blocked opportunities ( business and careers)
  5. Improves Mood and Memory
  6. Calms emotions
  7. Attracts financial abundance
  8. Cleanses your energy

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 Sure signs that you have an ancestral calling. 

There is a system followed in guiding people. It is true you might have one sign or two but that does not guarantee calling. Until the step-by-step approach is followed you can’t jump to conclusions. healer calling can never be bought so you might as well keep your money just in case you feel like buying it. If your mission is to find the best sangoma then try out my services. The most important times most people visit a sangoma is when they are in problems or want to move from one level to another.

You can have the best life right now, the best relationship, job, or business. You can have an impressive income or salary. But if you don’t have the right healer, you’ll quickly lose it all.

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