White magic spell to get a job

If what you are looking for is a spell to find a job fast, this simple ritual that you can cast at home may be what you are looking for. You can do this after having an interview when you want to ensure you will get the job, or you can even cast this spell to help someone else get a job. Today I will share with you an easy and quick White Magic spell to get a job. While there are a variety of rituals we can perform to get a new job, many of them can be difficult to do or might need a long time to take effect.

How to cast white magic spell to get a job

  1. Start by finding or writing your own job advertisement, such as one that you would see in the newspaper or employment website, for a job you would like to have. You are going to create an ideal situation, so it is important that you be specific about salary, location, etc.
  2. Light a very large deep blue candle (blue is the color of Jupiter and it is excellent for any rituals to get a job) and place it on a stand on a wide metal tray. 
  3. Read the ad you created several times to memorize it, then fold the paper into a cone, and slowly burn it over the candle flame, letting the ash fall into the tray. 
  4. When all the paper is burned, collect the ashes in a small box or bag. (If it goes out, do not worry – just light it back on, showing the universe your persistence and determination while doing this spell to get a job.)
  5. Bury the remains under an energy tree, such as oak or ash, if possible on a piece of land near the chosen workplace. If you can’t find this type of tree, bury the ashes in a flowerpot with a peppermint plant (peppermint is a powerful energizer). This is the part where you finish your ritual, and a very important part in the casting of this spell to get a job, so do not forget this step.

You will see the results in a short time but do not stop looking for employment actively, and be attentive to all the opportunities that may arise.  


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