What is ukuthwasa and traditional healing?

What is ukuthwasa and traditional healing?

What is ukuthwasa and traditional healing?, What is Ukuthwasa?Ukuthwasa (initiation) is a process undergone by someone who has ubizo (calling) from their ancestors to become a healer. It has existed for centuries in the African community. Due to the symptoms that appear, ubizo is misunderstood sometimes, and associated with “possession” or “evil spirits”. The calling is understood to come from the deceased ancestors, who might have been healers themselves.

Who can undergo Ukuthwasa?

Unlike the Western tradition, where anyone who has the desire to become a doctor can pursue medical studies and graduate, ukuthwasa is not just for anyone. 

How does one become a traditional healer and what do they do?

Nqabisa Faku and Aphiwe Mhlangulana examine the training and duties of traditional healers among the Xhosa people of South Africa. Traditional healing in the Xhosa culture in South Africa is a visceral experience because of the involvement of the ancestral spirit, idlozi, and the ancestors of the traditional healer. 

What is “ukuthwasa, How long does the ukuthwasa process take? What is ukuthwasa and traditional healing?

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Traditional healing and psychology

Traditional healing has been a common practice for centuries, with many Africans from different socioeconomic backgrounds turning to healers with various health care problems. After colonisation, many people now turn to Western methods instead, and specialists in psychological and emotional problems.

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