What is ukuthwala Zulu?

What is ukuthwala Zulu?

What is ukuthwala Zulu?.Ukuthwala is a form of abduction that involves kidnapping a girl or a young woman by a man and his friends or peers with the intention of compelling the girl or young woman’s family to endorse marriage negotiations. The practice of ‘ukuthwala’ is said to be cultural and to have been practiced by indigenous people. However, the way it is practiced currently is illegal and harmful to the well-being of young girls. 

In South Africa, ukuthwala is the practice of abducting young girls and forcing them into marriage, often without the consent of their parents. The practice occurs mainly in rural parts of South Africa, in particular the Eastern Cape and KwaZulu-Natal. The Basotho call it Tjhobediso.
The reports described a rise in ukuthwala characterized by the kidnapping, assault, and rape of young girls by older men, forcing them into customary marriages. Girls as young as 13 and 14 in the rural areas of provinces such as Eastern Cape and KwaZulu-Natal were affected by this violence.
Rights under Criminal Law: A girl or woman that has been subjected to Ukuthwala may lay a charge of abduction, kidnapping, rape and trafficking in persons. Family law: A girl-child or woman that has been subjected to Ukuthwala has a right to have the marriage annulled and, where appropriate, claim maintenance.
Many of the abductees are reported to be under-aged girls, including some as young as eight. The practice received negative publicity, with media reporting in 2009 that more than 20 Eastern Cape girls are forced to drop out of school every month because of ukuthwala.

Why is ukuthwala wrong?! What is the forced marriage called in Isizulu?! What are the consequences of ukuthwala?!

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