What is Ubungoma?

What is Ubungoma?

What is Ubungoma? Often misunderstood, ubungoma is an innate calling and gift from the ancestors that an individual is born with. On accepting one’s ancestral gift, one begins with umsebenzi wabaphantsi (ancestral work). This work is sacred and carries deeper significance than what is seen on the surface. Gobela refers to a person whose duty is to train an inyanga. Other than just being a gobela, Mhlanga has a traditional healer’s consultation room referred to as an indumba. This is where she spends most of her time and treats her patients. Graduation. And for some, ancestors speak to them until it is like they are mentally disturbed. And some cannot find a job or cannot have children. The physical symptoms most commonly related to the calling, are (severe) headache, stomachache, burning feet, back pain, loss of appetite, fatigue, palpitations, and fainting. A group of people, draped in the uniform of prayer, gather in physical and musical union, rooted in faith. It is a common South African scene and, in Johannesburg, one you’ll see at the riverbanks, in open fields, or even moving through the streets of the inner city.

What does ubungoma mean?

Holistic healing These healers are called by ancestors into the profession. However, the former undergoes ubungoma (divination) training while the latter is spiritually inclined and draws on either African or Christian religions.
The physical symptoms most commonly related to the calling, are (severe) headache, stomachache, burning feet, back pain, loss of appetite, fatigue, palpitations, and fainting. In every individual, they occur in variable sequence, frequency, and seriousness.

What is Nguni spiritual?

The Nguni people believe there is no way to lead normal lives without giving thanks to the elders who came before them. There are different ways they show their gratitude and pay their respects to these spiritual figures.
Both men and women can become traditional healers. A sangoma is believed to be “called” to heal through an initiation illness; symptoms involve psychosis, headaches, intractable stomach pain, shoulder, and neck complaints, short breath, swollen feet, and waist issues or illnesses that cannot be cured by conventional methods.

How do I know I have a spiritual calling?

  • You feel disconnected or detached. …
  • You’ve reevaluated your beliefs. …
  • Your dreams are more vivid. …
  • You experience more synchronicities and déjà vu. …
  • Your relationships begin to shift. …
  • You feel spirituality becoming an important part of your life. …
  • You’re more intuitive.

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