What is the use of muthi?

What is the use of muthi?
What is the use of muthi?, Witches using muthi are said to be able to cause every disease and misfortune under the sun. Healers claim to be able to cure every disease (including AIDS, though many know better than to mention this to outsiders now) and to remedy every misfortune ever suffered.

No, this muthi does not expire. However, you are required never to involve yourself in any evil that would end up hurting someone else. If you do, this tree might cease to be effective.

Traditional medicine

African traditional medicine makes use of various natural products, many derived from trees and other plants. Botanical medicine prescribed by an inyanga or herbal healer is generally known as “muthi”, but the term can apply to other traditional medical formulations, including those that are zoological or mineral in composition.


Muti killings

Occasions of murder and mutilation associated with some traditional cultural practices in South Africa are also termed muti killings. These are not human sacrifices per se but rather involve the murder of someone in order to excise body parts for incorporation into medicine used in witchcraft.

.[14] That same month, African traditional healers and the Gauteng government convened at a seminar in Pretoria, South Africa to root out the “evil practice of mutilating human bodies for purposes of a tree making.

What is muti in South Africa?

The word ‘muti’ is a Zulu word meaning medicine, It is therefore a mistake to assume that when the word muti is used, crime is involved.

Muthi for Money is very easy to use with very basic to-follow instructions. but This tree can be kept safely in your handbag, purse, or wallet.

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Types Of Muthi

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In South African English, the word muti is derived from the Zulu/Xhosa/Northern Ndebele umuthi, meaning ‘tree’, whose root is -thi.
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The muthi is made from animal bones and different parts of plants. Other ingredients of different mixtures were burnt and ground rubber from a tire, a common household disinfectant, and seawater. The tree is buried in the ground, typically in four places around the house.

Why do people use muti?

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