What Is Real Witchcraft?

What Is Real Witchcraft?

What is witchcraft? The word witchcraft is formed using two words: with and craft. In simple terms, we can say witchcraft is what witches do. But we need to start by having an idea of what witches are.

What Is a Real Witch?

Witchcraft are they really is a thought that has passed the minds of many, but the answers are not always easy to get. So, a witch is a person who is able to manipulate magic in order to change the energy in the world. If you have ever seen anyone who is able to do things that you are not able to explain using conventional logic, then you have seen a witch performing their craft,

How To Cast A Witch Spell

Accordingly, Keep in mind that magic isn’t a game, and only because you’ve charms at your fingertips doesn’t indicate you’re going to be in a position to alter the entire world in an instant.

Hence, It may take time, practice, and patience to actually master the witchcraft arts.

Why people despise witchcraft

Many people who ask, is real witch bible, and then go on to say bad things about witchcraft are often driven by a lack of knowledge. Some have had their thinking brainwashed by people with ulterior agendas. You probably know how people always resort to the Bible when they want to mask their own prejudices.

The reason why witches and their craft are looked down upon is that it was often practiced in communities that were later colonized, such as in Africa. When the colonizers arrived, they told everybody to drop what they were doing and follow one religion. They started calling the traditions of indigenous people names. Well, the unfortunate thing is that some of the indigenous people started following the religions of others and also started to help despite their own.

We Practiced Magic With A Real Witch - YouTube

Proof That Witchcraft Is Real

For people who ask, if witchcraft is real, I have a challenge for you. What made you ask the question? I bet it is because you have heard or seen someone practicing witchcraft. If this were not the case, you wouldn’t have been asking that question. If you have seen anyone using dolls and poppets, then you have seen a witch before.

You don’t even need to go too far to see that witchcraft. If you have seen people using medicines contained in bottles and jars, then you have seen a witch. These people may be using candles, rocks, crystals, bones, water, or air to help people achieve their dreams of health, wealth, and love.

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