What is Indiki?

What is Indiki?

What is Indiki?.Indiki is another confusing term. It is completely different from Umndiki which is an ancestral spirit. Indiki is a ‘ sign’ that one may have as an ‘ umuntu omdala’ – an ancestor with you in a particular form.

What is the difference between ngernza and Indiki?

Ngernza :  the mermaids and other tribes belonging to the water world. ( sometimes confused with Nkanyamba or with Mndawe spirit) and Indiki (umndiki): the spirit of a person that passed away through violence. These spirits roams the earth as they cannot enter the afterlife due to the blood they have over them. Once it has been cleansed it is entered into the spiritual world through the river and reunites with family, and then forms part of the ancestors that are healers.

Western medicine regards ukuthwasa as a psychiatric disorder characterized by hallucina- tions, irritability, restlessness, inappropriate vocalizations, loss of appetite, and social withdrawal (Laher, 2014; Niehaus et al., 2004).

Idlozi is the ‘spirit’ that possesses a person to become an African Uhlanya (healer), whereas Ithongo is a dead person whom we believe that is not dead but alive in the land of the ancestors (kwela baphansi

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The ancestors Idlozi is an Nguni word, but in Zulu, it means the ancestors. Most people read this as ‘the weight of the ancestors’. But in Xhosa idlozi means the sperm.

1. Umndiki. These spirits bring one back to their roots as they are our oldest blood ancestors – ones who died long before we were born, sometimes even before our own parents were born. They come as a messenger and custodian of indigenous knowledge.

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