Vampire spells

Vampire spells

What are vampire spells? Typically they fall into two categories. Spells to protect you from vampires and spells to turn you into a vampire. In terms of the former, well-known cures such as garlic and crucifixes are common knowledge. In terms of the latter, there are many spells that claim to give you the immortality of the vampire, but most people would agree that we have not yet discovered a way to evade certain death. But what about other kinds of vampires? Are there vampires who don’t feed off of your blood? Perhaps they feed off of your psychic energy instead?

Psychic vampires

Everybody has met someone who seemed to drain them energetically. There are people in this world who cannot seem to produce their own joy. They surround themselves with people that are full of light and over time they drain them just like the traditional vampire would. Instead of draining people of their blood, the psychic vampire drains people of their will. So, how do you protect yourself from vampires – psychic or the real deal? Here are a few vampire protection spells.

Warning signs of a psychic vampire

There are some common characteristics that all psychic vampires share. The first is that they have a need to control others. Their domineering nature tends to be arrogant and self-righteous. They tend to keep chaotic and fast-paced environments in work and social relationships in order to keep everyone on their toes at all times. This allows them to change course suddenly or create illusions to confuse others. Psychic vampires also suffer from severe outbursts of rage and violence. They also tend to project their feelings and fears onto others. Whether shame, guilt, or rage it’s always somebody else’s fault.


The first step is to identify who is toxic in your life. You probably already know. The second step is to create safe boundaries. Don’t feel compelled to explain to them what you’re doing. It will only cause them to manipulate the situation more. It’s best to secretly and quietly go about setting your boundaries while letting them think they are still in control.

Next, if you have been in the company of a psychic vampire for a long time you probably need to work on restoring your physical emotional, and psychic health. This is where spellcasting can come in really handy. In order to rid yourself of this toxic energy, perform a banishing spell. You can also perform a binding spell to bind them away from you. Next, you can perform a healing spell on yourself or an aura cleansing. This will help you get your vitality back.

Spells to ward off psychic vampires

The most popular vampire spells out there today are spells to ward off psychic vampires. but Since psychic vampires absorb the positive energy from others in order to fill their emptiness, they can leave their victims feeling weak and drained. There are several steps to dealing with a psychic vampire.

First, be sure to determine who in your life could be draining you. There are several signs of a psychic vampire. Is there someone in your life you constantly feel attracted to, but every time you’re finished spending time with them you feel exhausted? Or maybe you just feel bad about yourself afterward for reasons that don’t make sense? Psychic vampires put others down in order to make themselves feel better. They may criticize you with a smile or make a joke that they say is supposed to be funny but it’s not. Then they may criticize you for having no sense of humor. Or maybe their attacks are much more obvious.

Spell to rid yourself of a psychic vampire

Here is a spell to rid yourself of psychic attacks and the word of psychic vampires from Everything Under the Moon.

You will need on your altar:

  • 2 white candles
  • Sea salt in warm water in a cauldron or bowl
  • Incense (frankincense or myrrh are good)
  • Your favorite oil.

Place the candles at the back of the altar, one on the right to represent the God, and one on the left for the Goddess. Place the saltwater in the center, and the incense at the front.
Anoint each item with the oil and say :

I ward off negativity in my home, work, and everyday life.
No evil or negativity shall enter here.

Picture a white light around you and as it increases to full intensity, picture it surrounding your home and workplace. Now say :

Psychic vampires in the night
Psychic vampires who destroy my life
Destroy no more of what I achieve
Destroy no more of what I receive
Negativity is not welcome
Evil is not welcome
In me, around me, or the people I love.

Repeat this 3 times, then allow the incense and candles to burn themselves out.

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