Umlotha Wamandiya

Umlotha Wamandiya

Umlotha wamandiya: women use it against men to make them give money and love. They put holy ash into use by simply burning it and blowing it, calling a man’s name saying all the things they want their man to do for them.

Siyabaphephetha ngo 00:00 nango 04:00 aabathandiweyo bethu… Thatha holly ash ufake encane kwisandla sakwa left uphumele emnyango noma uvele ngewindi bese uthi “madoda asendiya… Ngilandeleni usbanibani(umbize ngegama nesbongo) nimlethe lana kimi  … manje” bese uyaphephetha.

What is it?

Umlotha wamandiya also known as holy ash is a spiritual product that represents the lord Shiva. In the Indian culture, lord Shiva is an important god that represents darkness. Shiva is known as the god of destruction. It is said that in most cases lord Shiva destroys the presence of evil.

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How to use isiwasho

Isiwasho has got lot of uses, some of the isiwasho benefits are listed below:

  • Cleansing/ Removing bad luck spells.
  • Reversing a curse.
  • Getting a job and being promoted.
  • Getting married to your partner.
  • Bring back lost love.
  • Recover stolen goods.
  • Getting lucky.. …
  • Protection from negativity.

isiwasho benefits:-

  • Cleans Bad Luck ( Amabadi)
  • Reverses man made problems ( isinyama)
  • Restores your natural aura and charm ( uthandeke )
  • Opens up blocked opportunities ( business and careers)
  • Improves Mood and Memory
  • Calms emotions
  • Attracts financial abundance
  • Also, Cleanses your energy

Umlotha wamandiya | Umlotha wamandiya benefits

Uyakwazi futhi ukuyifaka entweni yokugcoba…
Ungaphafa ngayo
Uyageza nangayo.

isiwasho umlotha wamandiya

Over the years my knowledge and experience in spellcasting have greatly improved. In other words, In a day I can easily cast over 10 spells and the clients start seeing results in 24 hours.

Above all, I make sure only quality ingredients are used for spellcasting such that my work is not compromised. If a client is struggling to raise the materials for the spell, I advise them to wait until they are stable such that my work turns out always perfect.

Isikhafulo esisheshayo sokubuyisa indoda or intombi or umfazi usebenzisa impuphu + umlotha wamandiya


Clients come back in case they do not see the results as expected, but most of the time I have realized it’s because they do not follow instructions or forget the steps. Therefore, I make sure all my products come with simple instructions in words and pictures to save the clients from such issues.

. Unlike most Doctors, before I take on a job I first make sure I have thorough knowledge or have never done a similar task before. In conclusion, This practice has made my services perfect.

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