Ukufemba is a spiritual healing /energy healing where an inyanga removes bad spirits in one’s body or foreign objects in the yard or car. It’s an African exorcism (ukukhipha imimoya emibi).
Through ku femba, an age-old practice that serves as a channel to cast away evil spells in a society bedeviled by violence, Dladla displays the relationship between man, ancestors, and the otherworldly as a vehicle for decoloniality.
According to traditional South Africans, ukuthwasa is a term meaning “to come out” or to “be reborn” (Booi, 2004; Bührmann, 1982), and is the calling to become a traditional healer (Wreford, 2008). The calling emanates from the deceased ancestors, typically in the form of a dream or a vision (Laher, 2014).

Ukufemba Spiritual Healing 

Ukufemba is a spiritual healing /energy healing where an inyanga removes bad spirits in one’s body or foreign objects in the yard, car, or one’s body. It’s an African exorcism (ukukhipha imimoya emibi) This process can only be done by a Traditional Healer with Ndau spirit, and has gone under Ndau initiation (kumele kube inyanga or isangoma esiwuthwasele umndawu, not isiNguni). Many sangomas claim to know how to Femba but there are really few Sangomas that are spiritually gifted with power/spirit.

Physical Signs Of Ukuthwasa|Ukuthwasa | Ukuthwasa Underwater 

Process of “ukuthwasa” (the calling to be a traditional healer or diviner)

Ukuthwasa (initiation) is a process undergone by someone who has ubizo (calling) from their ancestors to become a healer. It has existed for centuries in the African community.

Due to the symptoms that appear, ubizo is misunderstood sometimes, and associated with evil spirits. The calling is understood to come from the deceased ancestors who might have been healers themselves.

Who can undergo Ukuthwasa?

Unlike the Western tradition, where anyone who has the desire to become a doctor can pursue medical studies and graduate, ukuthwasa is not just for anyone. But, those who undergo this process are considered to be gifted by their ancestors, who need to accept and embrace their healing powers.

Traditional healing has been a common practice for centuries, with many Africans from different socioeconomic backgrounds turning to healers with various health care problems. After colonization, many people now turn to Western methods instead, and specialists in psychological and emotional problems.

Some people are considered born with it, while others can receive the calling if their parents spurn it. The experience varies.

Some people become amathwasa due to ancestral issues, which require them to perform certain rituals.

Ukuthwasa | Ukuthwasa Underwater | Physical Signs Of Ukuthwasa

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Ukuthwasa | Ukuthwasa Underwater | Physical Signs Of Ukuthwasa

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