Spells to become a vampire

Spells to become a vampire

Spells to become a vampire

So, maybe your goal is something different. Maybe you’re not interested in keeping vampires away and you’d rather become one. But why would anybody want to become a vampire? Who would want to die and live eternally sucking the blood from others? Maybe because vampires have amazing powers. First, they don’t age from the day that they are turned. Second, they have incredible strength and speed. Vampires also exhibit amazing powers of hypnosis and the ability to control others with their minds. And don’t forget their sexual appeal. For those of you tired of the mundane existence in this mortal form, you can try some vampire spells to see if you can turn.

Become a vampire spell

If you want to test out your skills of transformation, try this spell from Spells of Magic:

Materials and supplies:

  • A piece of red paper
  • A necklace (with a locket)
  • 5 Black candles
  • Pen
  • Bowl


Write the following on the piece of paper:

“Spell, Spell cast away. Bring me evil and good today. Wish for no soul, do not go to either Heaven or Hell. Soon ye shall see, it be me the vampire princess. Give me skin pale as snow, eyes that change, lips as red as blood, and fangs that hang by my command, fangs as sharp as diamonds. Steel thy heart and keep thy faith, let thy walk in daylight and cause no harm to thy self. Heart as black as Obsidian and hard as stone, bring pain upon those who cast pain unto me. Moon and sunlight pierce thy skin causing it to blush pink as a desert rose, soon ye shall see, it be me the vampire princess. Fairer than all but the queen. So mote it be.”

  • Anoint the candles with the oil and arrange them in the shape of a star.
  • Place a bowl in the middle of the star.
  • Light the candles and repeat the chant three times out loud
  • As the candles melt, drip the wax into the locket
  • Chant six times:
    “So mote it be, vampire me. So mote it be when I wear the necklace I shall be one of ye.”
  • Once the locket is full, close it and cast it into the bowl of cold water to harden the wax.
  • Once hardened, take the locket and open it, cut out the wax, and keep it in a cool place.

Write us back here and let us know if these spells worked! We want to hear your comments! And if you prefer to work with a professional, definitely check out Prof Musa. Their spellcasters have tons of experience and the first three minutes are free!

Better than Buffy? Spare a thought for the Vampire Diaries | US television | The Guardian

Pros of vampire spells

  • Protect yourself from the undead
  • Protect yourself from psychic vampires too!

Vampires in literature and the arts

The concept of the vampire has changed over the centuries. What began as a stinking, foul, molding creature that terrorized villages has over the years, turned into a graceful, desirable (although tormented) being. From Bram Stoker’s Dracula to the classic Nosferatu and Bela Lugosi’s brilliant performance in “Bram Stoker’s Dracula,” the image of the vampire has certainly evolved over time.

Many still believe that vampirism is an achievable power, and there are vampire spells that claim to give you the supernatural powers of a vampire. Whether spells are able to change your DNA or not, the allure of the vampire and vampire spells is timeless.

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