Soul swap in real life

Soul swap in real life

Soul swap in real life. This is true from ancient times and now too. In fact, the association of divine guru and disciple is the relation in which the souls of both persons are swapped together. This occurs under divine guidance for divine purposes only. These two souls are called twin souls or twin flames. After the walk-in episode, each soul has the opportunity to embark on a new life phase. The exiting soul moves. on and dwells in the spiritual realm while the walk-in adapts to life in a body. This can be extremely challenging on many levels. Discovering Your Soul’s Purpose, Proof of Soul: Your Consciousness Will Live On Even After The Death. Yes, two souls can swap their bodies.

Is it possible to switch bodies in real life? As far as we know according to science, there is no way to really switch bodies with anyone. However, there is something very similar. People can sometimes believe they are someone else.

Why a Soul Swapping Happens

Walk-in souls do not steal or kidnap another person’s body. A walk-in happens when two souls agree to swap places, making a soul contract. The original soul makes the decision that it wants out of life and contracts with another soul to continue the lifestream. The walk-in will reside in his body and continue living out the personality that has already been established.

However, despite the pioneering efforts by Elon Musk’s “Neuralink” Max Hodak’s “Science Inc” and many other startups that followed, transferring the brain without losing individuality does not seem to be technologically possible in the foreseeable future.
Yes! It is theoretically possible to inject memories from one person’s brain into another. About 60 to 65 years ago, experiments were performed in a laboratory in which memory molecules were transferred from one organism’s body to another organism’s brain.
It’s okay if you wish you lived in a different body. We live in a culture that values thinness, so it’s only natural to desire and want to work towards being better, fitter, and a “toned up” version of yourself.
There's a Reason Why Hollywood Loves a Good Body Swap - The Ringer

Can two souls swap their bodies?! Is a body swap spell that works instantly?! How much does it cost to trade soul swap?! How do I swap bodies with someone?!

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