Signs a married man has strong feelings for you

Signs a married man has strong feelings for you
  • Signs a married man has strong feelings for you

  • These are some of the Signs a married man has strong feelings for you
  • You can feel it. …
  • He spends his free time with you. …
  • He tries to be close to you. …
  • He touches you. …
  • He talks about his marriage with you. …
  • Where is his ring? …
  • He makes excuses to talk to you. …
  • He’s a little too friendly with you.

How to tell if he has strong feelings for you?

Here are the top 8 undeniable signs:

1. He seems scared to tell you his true feelings 

Is he scared to tell you his true feelings about anything? See also: When someone lies to you and you know the truth

2. He has something more to say

It always seems like this guy has something more that he wants to tell you. Guess what? Lots of guys out there choose to bottle it up as they hardly open their mouths when being with you. If your gut says that he wants to say more, tell him something fun and make him comfortable so that he can open up.

3. He distances himself from other girls.

When a guy is serious about you, he will distance himself from other girls, especially if you’re around him. Guys can be flirty when they’re single. However, once they find the right person that they want to be with, they will be determined in their decision. No matter how many girls are all over your man and surround him, he will stay away from them. Plus, he will make a point of showing his interest in you if you’re next to him.

4. He is super chivalrous.

A man falling in love with you wants to be your knight in shining armor.

5. He seems hurt if you go ranting about men in general. 

Some told me that they feel guilty about this – since they have not so nice impression of dating men, their rants are quite scathing. If you unknowingly do a whole anti-male rant around the person who has feelings for you, surely he will wither a bit. Don’t be shocked – there were some guys actually tearing up when hearing their love interest expressing their honest thoughts about their gender’s dating habits. Your rants could make him feel inadequate and want to give up.

6. He makes long pauses when talking with you over the phone 

Do you feel any pause when you two are talking on the phone? If the answer is yes, then it means he wants to say more but doesn’t know what to say. When a guy is into you but doesn’t intend to confess, he will make long awkward pauses. Since his shyness stops him from opening up, you should take the initiative. Find some interesting topics to ask or discuss with him, or you can make some meaningless jokes to blow away the awkward atmosphere.

7. He tries to impress you 

If someone is having a crush on you, he will want to leave a good impression on you. He would love it if he is the only one you want to rely on. Men having feelings for anyone else will be protective and possessive. So, when seeing you being surrounded by other guys, he will turn on his protective mode and end up confessing his feelings.

8. He is nervous when you two are together.

To find out if he has strong feelings for you, the best way is to take advantage of body language. If he just sees you as friends, then he won’t be nervous this much.


Final words 

That’s all for signs he has strong feelings for you in this article! If you’ve noticed similarities between your guy’s behavior and some of the signs above, then it’s obvious that he is into you and the relationship of you two has the potential to turn into something more. Knowing he has strong feelings for you is just the first step in a love romance. To make it work, you need time and plenty of work. Keeping him by your side for the long term can be a challenge. If you can trigger his hero instinct and shower him with affection and love, then he won’t be able to stay away. Be a game-changer in your relationships!

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