SHORT BOYS AND SPIRITUAL RATS FOR MONEY, We offer short boys & spiritual rats to put money in your account worldwide in South Africa, London, Sydney, Toronto, New York, Los Angeles, California, Doha, Canada, Texas, Qatar, Australia, Boston, New Jersey, United States, Namibia, Botswana, Ontario etc.

Are you a teacher, nurse, manager, government worker etc. Worked for so many years but don’t seem to see any progress???? The time for transformation is now!!!!!

Come visit me and your life won’t remain the same. I do use God’s creations to transform people’s lives.

Get financial freedom by the help of short boys and spiritual rats.

Origin of short boys.


WHO are short boys? These are the two spirits chosen by the great fathers (ancestors) to deliver BIG /huge sums of money in to the living.

You sometimes wondered or asked yourself how people who have been poor wake up living a good expensive life, driving luxurious cars and having luxury homes get money from.


Prof Musa offers SHORT BOYS / RATS TO PUT MONEY IN YOUR ACCOUNT. He also offers magic ring spells, magic wallet spells, lost love spells, bring back ex-lover spells, stop family fighting spells, Sandawana Oil, love spells, fertility spells, protection spells, divorce spells, stop cheating love spells, lesbian love spells, gay love spells, win lottery & casino spells and also, traditional healer.


Papa Omar does know that you have great interest in something that can turn around your financial stand. He offers spiritual rats, money spells and spiritual rats that can bring money faster into your life.

Below are some of the items Prof Musa offers to assist you get quick money?

What are Spiritual rats, Amagundwane?

1. Spiritual rats (Amagundwane) are the miracle rats that i sale to you and keep it in your house while you can command it to go in the nearest banks or shops to grab or duplicate for you cash and bring it in you in the place you want without anyone to notice.

What are Money spells?

Money spells is the spell that I can cast by the power of my ancestors into your name and through one of the sounding rich person in your area, and then it sucks the money from that person and bring it to you without anybody to notice it or lose his own. But This helps you if you are born unfortunate or unlucky destitute to duplicate someone’s luck and given it to you so that you can also benefit to the sweetness of world’s abundant life.

What are Short boys?

Short boys: are the spiritual jinns (Gene) or ancestral spirits (invisible miracle spirits) which you can command through the password which be given to you after doing rituals by the spirits in your behalf and then go and duplicate money spiritually of some richest person in your area, or banks, shops from any place or anywhere.

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The cost of Amagundwane rats

This price is fixed and usually non-negotiable. If you are a bargaining person, then I advise you check out my other money spells and means within your budget. You have to pay once. Once you start making money from the rats make sure you invest in assets. Increasing your spending habits alone is not a wise decision to take because people will start questioning your income.

Looking after Amagundwane rats

They do not require a lot of care since they can always hunt for food while going for work. But once in a while you can surprise them with bonus food for job well done. It is not easy to be working less but enjoying benefits that people working day and night can never have. These animals are not friendly with cats though.

Amagundwane Vs Short boys : Which is better?

The extra money the rats can’t bring can be got by the short boys (abafana short imimoya). The problem though is these boys can get it as close as the next house. Imagine your neighbors losing money only to be ending up at your home.

These spiritual jinns have mastered the art of duplicating and stealing money without ever being noticed. Just get any disguised job/business and back it up with the short boys. Money flows to you continuously without anyone ever suspecting.

You can have the best life right now, the best relationship, job or business. You can have an impressive income or salary. But if you don’t have the right sangoma, you’ll quickly lose it all.

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