Powerful Swaziland Sangoma

Powerful Swaziland Sangoma

Powerful Sangoma in Swaziland. The paper describes applied research efforts, requested by the Swaziland Ministry of Health and funded by U.S. AID, aimed at providing an information base for new government policies regarding traditional healers in Swaziland. Information reported relates to healthcare manpower in the traditional sector; treatment behavior in a pluralistic medical setting; traditional health beliefs and practices; and payment practices.

Sangoma and iNyanga – traditional healers of Swaziland

A very important member of Swazi society is the “sangoma” or diviner whose role is to find the cause of misfortune or disease, prescribe actions to rectify it, and prepare medicine to cure illness. Although often misunderstood by Europeans and given the epithet “witchdoctor”, they would more accurately be described as “witchfinder”.

Witchcraft is an accepted fact, something bad people can do to harm someone else, and when, in the colonial days, the European administration made it an offense to be a sangoma or wear the distinguished red-ochred “siyendle” hairstyle of one, “witchcraft flourished as never before” as the very people who could fight it had been stopped doing so.

This was rectified at Independence and there are now various “schools” where learner “tangoma” (plural of “sangoma”) undergo “kutfwasa”, a process that may take up to a year or longer, to learn their craft. The small homestead of Bethany, near Matsapha in central Swaziland, was such a “school”, led by LaMabuza, a friendly lady who had about a dozen or more learners staying with her. During this time they had to observe various taboos: they were not allowed to quarrel, shake hands with anybody or have sexual relations, among others.

Izangoma (plural form of isangoma, Zulu traditional healer) is appreciated. and trained as performers whose primary function is healing. The illnesses. treated by izangoma may be individual, such as headaches and stomach ailments, or communal, such as the separation of a community from the

; isiwasho sase swazini in Swaziland,|eswatini traditional healers in Swaziland,| Inyanga meaning in Swaziland

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