Performing Voodoo Spells

Performing Voodoo Spells

Performing Voodoo Spells

Performing Voodoo Spells, I know the rise of technology has made it easy for people to claim to be what they are not as they can easily hide behind the internet. This is the reason why you will find voodoo love spells, free voodoo spells, and voodoo spells for love everywhere you look on the internet. Let me start by advising you to treat anyone who says they are a voodoo priest with care because half of the people who make a claim don’t even know what they are talking about. Voodoo magic is most effective when cast by an experienced and well-trained specialist.

When I got my training as a specialist in helping people cast voodoo love spells that work, I learned the important items used in the trade such as the power of a snake and dolls when performing voodoo doll spells. Apart from embracing prayers, rituals, and dancing, performing voodoo spells often also involves the priest representing the power of the snake.

How Voodoo Love Spells Work

Voodoo love spells are rituals performed to call upon Lwa to eliminate obstacles present in the path of love. In more complex rituals, the mambo or the houngan is the one performing the rite and falls into a trance as the power of the Lwa starts to channel itself to the practitioner. For the spell to be effective, the ritual usually uses an item or items, preferably those belonging to the subject of the love spell.

What Voodoo Love Spells Can Do for You?

There are different reasons or purposes why one attempts to conjure a Voodoo love spell. Some of the noted reasons are:

Most popular and potent forms of love magic

They are one of the most popular forms of practiced magic because they can be adapted to any situation. From attracting a lover to repairing a broken relationship, a Voodoo love spell can be performed using simple, easy-to-find items. The intention for casting the spell must be pure and not vengeful or selfish. Otherwise, the negative energy can nullify the spell or cause its momentum to go in the wrong direction, with damaging results.

To make someone become attracted to you

Dealing with magic has good and bad consequences. Once a person becomes a subject of a love spell, they become linked to you in a temporary or even permanent manner. So, do not cast spells if you are not ready for whatever effects they may have later on.

Things You’ll Need for the Soulmate Love Spell

  • Large Pink Candle
  • Pink Construction Paper or pink cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Paper bag or sheet of paper
  • String
  • Deity to call upon: Erzulie

How to Cast the Voodoo Soulmate Spell

Start the ritual by Cleansing and Consecrating the Candle and then lighting it. As with all magical rituals, do so consciously. Cut a Voodoo doll out of construction paper or cardboard and write all the qualities you want in a partner on one side of the doll. There are no rules, so write down anything that comes to your mind. While doing so, visualize your wishes and build up energy.

Next, take the candle and drip wax onto the Voodoo doll until the side you wrote your wishes on is completely covered with wax. While doing it, call upon Erzulie, the Voodoo spirit of love. Ask for all that you wish for. Be honest and forthright. Be clear and operate only in harmony with the universe. Take your time and build up as much energy as possible. This step is crucial. Snuff out the candle.

Repeat this last step on the next two days (a total of 3 times).

On the third and last day, put the wax-covered Voodoo doll into the paper bag or wrap it in a sheet of paper. Tie it with the string so that it is closed.

Hide the package under your bed until you have met your Soulmate.

Once you receive your results, be sure to thank both Divinity and Erzulie for your good fortune and return the package to nature by either burning it, burying it in the ground, or throwing it into a river, lake, or ocean.

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What is Voodoo?

Voodoo is a magical/mystical tradition with roots in African shamanism and in some “ancient” magical traditions; the ‘geographic center’ of the Voodoo practice is now considered Haiti, but as mentioned it is found in many countries in the Caribbean area as well as in Africa, especially in the West.

Contrary to popular belief, Voodoo (as an esoteric ritualistic system) is a particular way to communicate with ‘entities’ or powerful spirits, called’ Loa ‘by Voodoo priests (or’ Hougans’) or Voodoo priestesses (‘mambos’). During long rituals or “esoteric” sessions, the priests contact the Loa by going into a kind of “trance” that can also seem “scary” to those who do not know the Voodoo practice.

How to cast a love spell on your man using voodoo magic

  • Pink Candle
  • Cardboard paper
  • Pair of scissors
  • Saucer or dish
  • 2 cups of sugar

Have someone you desire to fall madly in love with you

Some people resort to a Voodoo love spell to influence the feelings of another to have passionate feelings for them. This may seem like a desperate attempt, but it is a fact that believers of love spells resort to magic to turn admiration into amorous feelings quickly.

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