Pagan Love Spells

Pagan Love Spells

Pagan love spells Take a wooden cup and go to a place where you can make a fire. Use dry twigs and sticks to start a fire. While the fire is beginning to burn, put your ring (preferably, one made of some precious metals) and a lock of your hair in the cup and spit in it thrice (for real).

Whether you want to cast pagan spells for love or any other spells for that matter, it is important that you start by understanding what we are talking about when we talk about pagan spells. Pagan spells are actually sometimes referred to simply as witchcraft spells.

What is a pagan spell?

So some people believe a Pagan spell is any spell created before Christianity was adopted. In fact, it is not true. Pagan spells are spells which are designed to engage not angels or demons but various ancient forces, including: – Stars and satellites. All Pagan love spells are quite poetic.
Love spells are used to attract – you guessed it – love! These spells (and curses) come in the form of potions, written text, rituals, or objects like candles or even dolls. Intrigued?
Many novice pagan spellcasters actually start off by learning about these symbols and their meanings. Learning them actually helps you when you cast a spell the right way. You will always need to remember that spells work best when they are cast by someone who has a good understanding of what they are doing.
Wiccan Love Spells

Can you cast pagan spells for Love?! What is a pagan spell?! What are the best love spells that work?! How do you break a love spell?!

  • A pink candle
  • Sandalwood oil
  • 2 sheets of white paper
  • Pen or pencil (red is good, but not necessary)

This is a spell you should do together, so hopefully your partner appreciates and accepts your witchcraft practices. The first step is for each of you to create a list of the qualities you like and admire most in the other person, written on the white paper. This should be a well-thought-out list, not something hastily written down. Have at least 6 to 10 items. Both of you should bring your lists to your altar area when you plan on doing the spell (Friday nights are best).

Light your candle and get comfortable facing each other. Call Aphrodite (or other appropriate love goddess) and repeat the ritual:

Lady Aphrodite, join our ritual tonight Bless our union and bless our rite Help open our eyes, Help strengthen our bond, Help bring us together, Forever

Both you and your partner should repeat the words. When finished, each take out your list and read aloud the items on it. When you are done, dab a little sandalwood oil on your thumb and press it to the top of each page like you are leaving a thumbprint.

Thank Aphrodite for joining your spell, and then blow out the candle. Fold up the sheets of paper and keep them both together in a safe place in the bedroom.

Pagan spells for beginners

So you are a beginner in the spell casting area, and you have taken up an interest in pagan spells, but you have no idea where to begin? I can tell you exactly where you need to start: pagan spells for beginners. These are spells which are made to be simple enough not to intimidate you. They will allow you to learn the ropes without necessarily feeling that you have been put under pressure.

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