Money Drawing Novena Spell

Money Drawing Novena Spell

Money Drawing Novena Spell

Money Drawing Novena Spell. Today, we will see a few easy spells to draw money to you using White Magic. To begin, we will prepare a bottle of the witch with ingredients easily found at home, with the intent of drawing money. A bottle of the witch is simply a charm that is placed in the closet to attract everything you need in your life. The idea is that this bottle with a cap will catch the desired qualities (i.e. wealth) in one place so it won’t stay away from you. We will use the bottle as a powerful tool in these spells to attract money to you. Draw money to your life with spells Also we use herbs and silver in quantities of five (5) because this sacred number helps attract the most powerful energies of the universe to your life. Let’s see these spells to draw money.

Spell to draw money to you fast

For the first spell of wealth you will need:

  • A jar or bottle with a cap
  • 5 small coins (pennies or similar)
  • 5 medium-sized coins (for example 10 cents)
  • 5 large coins (for example 25 cents)
  • 5 tablespoons of wheat flour
  • Sesame seeds
  • 5 cloves smell of cinnamon or 5 cinnamon sticks
  • 5 cloves of Jamaica pepper
  • 5 whole Pecan.

Spell to attract the money really quick

A reader wrote some time ago, asking whether the spell to attract the money really works. “And in that case”, she asked, “how long will it take for the money to appear?”

It is a good question. The white magic spells to draw money to you are really effective. There is no doubt about that. But there’s a catch: in my personal experience, which dates back to many years ago, I discovered that it must be given time to obtain clear results. Back in the 1990s, I did a lot of Voodoo spells to attract wealth, and it was definitely worth it in the long run.

But often, during the first couple of weeks after making spells to attract money, I saw little or no progress. Having great faith in what you are doing is essential. The results eventually began to appear, bringing with them glimmers of hope, and little by little they were accumulating… until the money problems disappeared completely.

Another Magick Spell to draw money

Here is a ritual of white magic to attract money, which can be helpful if you are having economic problems at this time:

Imagine yourself with the money, very comfortable or better yet extraordinarily rich. Do this on a daily basis.

You see, part of the problem with money is that, ultimately, the vast majority of us do not feel worthy. And this prevents us from receiving what we deserve. Perhaps without realizing it, when testing spells to attract money for yourself, you tend to have the opposite effect. Spells to attract money require that we get out of the pattern of mental shortage that we have already incorporated. Thoughts such as “I don’t know what I’m going to do if I don’t get money” or “I need the money urgently” send the opposite message to the universe. We should really be saying: “I have enough money and no economic problem, and for that I thank you”.

Money Problems and Rituals


Rituals and spell

When the lack of money is your main problem, there are some rituals to attract the money that can help you to get the tickets and coins that you need so much at home.

Lack of money is often brought about because the circle of wealth has been broken, and the mechanisms that are able to attract more money into your economy must be re-triggered. And this is achieved by performing these types of rituals.

However, if you do not have faith in or trust them, I must warn you that doing them will not do you any good. So choose the ritual or rituals to attract the money you want from the list below, put all your heart and hope in them, and prepare to see how the universe pays you financially.

6 Very Powerful Rituals to Attract Money Quickly

1. This ritual is better than rubbing a magic lamp!

Do you know the story of Aladdin, the magic lamp, and the genius? For this ritual to attract money is similar. You will need 6 golden candles, olive oil, and candelabra to do it.

Light 6 golden candles one Sunday (if on that day the moon is waxing, even better), and rub the candles with a little olive oil gently so that the golden cloak does not fall off. While you rub it, focus on your desire to get urgent money, and visualize how that money reaches you.

For this, place the candles in one or several candelabras, let them burn for an hour, and then extinguish them. Do this for 6 days in a row, never leave the candles burning for more than an hour each day, and you’ll be amazed at the results when you get the money you need!

2. A spell that never fails me

You will need:

  • A green candle (no matter the size)
  • A small plate
  • A brown paper bag
  • A pencil
  • Money Drawing Novena Spell

Take the brown paper bag, cut a piece, and write in it the amount of money you need and the reason you need it. Do not be greedy, and write only the necessary amount. Fold the paper in half and place it on the plate, light the candle, and put it on top of the paper.

While the candle is lit, imagine yourself with that money you need already in your hand; Do not think about it in the future, imagine having it now. Keep visualizing until you feel happy, and let the candle burn.

When the candle has been fully burnt, pick up the remains of the wax and paper, put them in another bag (a plastic or Ziploc bag), and hide it in a place in the secret house where no one finds it.

3. Sugar does not just attract flies!

Sugar is a sweet ingredient that in white magic is also used to attract money quickly and easily. For this ritual, you will only need sugar, a container, and a money note or bill.

On a full moon night, take the container and fill it with sugar, place the note inside, and put everything in a place where the light of the full moon will light it. Leave it there until the new moon, and you will see how soon the money you need appears in your life

Another variant of this ritual to attract money is to put in a glass of honey and water in equal parts and dip 3 coins.

4. A simple ritual to attract money with incense


Sandalwood incense ritual for money

Here you will only need an incense burner and a sandalwood incense stick. Focus and put your mind in a state of meditation, and light the incense. Remember that it must be sandalwood since sandalwood is closely linked in white magic with the power to draw money.

Focus on feeling happiness and love in your heart, and that happiness includes the money you want to attract. Imagine with all your might that your wish comes true, putting as much detail as you can in your visualization.

When you are feeling that your wish will truly come true, repeat the following sentences ten times in a row:

“The magical herbs burn in the fire, bring to my heart this desire.”

5. A ritual with rice and candles to attract money

For this ritual, you will need two glass jars with a lid, two green candles, two handfuls of rice, and six grains of black pepper. You must do this ritual on Tuesday. Boil the two jars in water to sterilize them and remove impurities that may interfere with the ritual or spell.

Let them dry completely, and once done, put in each one a handful of raw uncooked rice, and three grains of pepper. Light a green candle in front of each jar and, after one hour extinguishes them without blowing.

Put each candle in each jar, and carry a jar with your candle to your kitchen, and the other jar and candle to your living room or dining room. Leave it in a visible place, not hidden, and when you have managed to attract the money you wanted, throw the candles away.  Money Drawing Novena Spell

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