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How does a love spell work?

Love spells work as fast as they can work, and produce visual results as quickly as possible. They directly affect people’s minds with the energy of love, making them think about you – your ex might remember something he likes about you, but until the spell has worked on him or her fully, they can keep this decision not to talk to you.

You cannot use this spell on someone you have never met or do not have a connection with. Seeking help from a professional is recommended to make the love spell truly potent, but you can try this at home if you want to. Wait until the clock hits midnight to perform this ritual. Take the photo of your partner/spouse and place it in front of you.
The Chemistry of Love | Psychology Today

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Love spells with a photograph are effective ways to bind two lovers or spouses together. It strengthens the bond between a couple or reignites passion between spouses when one has lost interest in the relationship. Using photography is a powerful binding spell, but it will only work on people who already have an established connection.
All effective love spells require clearly stated intentions, intense mental concentration, and, most times, physical materials. For your love spell to manifest accurately, you must be specific and have a clear intent. Love is a choice and should never be forced onto someone.
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