Lobola Zimbabwe

Lobola Zimbabwe

Lobola Zimbabwe. Bride price, or “roora/lobola” in the local Shona language, is the customary token paid by the groom-to-be to his future in-laws. It is seen as a token of appreciation to the bride’s parents for raising a daughter. Bride prices vary greatly in Zimbabwe, but the requested amount in his case is six head of cattle or cash equal to about $3,000. Unable to offer this immediately, Khumalo paid a portion of the traditional requirement through gifts of clothing, which allowed him to live with his fiancée, but not to formally marry her. 

Lobola / Roora is the customary token paid by the groom-to-be when he is about to marry his bride-to-be to his in-laws. Paying the bride price or roora is an acceptable way in the Zimbabwean culture for a groom to ask for his bride’s hand in marriage.

How much is the bride price in Zimbabwe?! Does lobola qualify as marriage?! How many cows are needed for lobola in Zimbabwe?!

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For instance, the bride price for a woman with a master’s degree or Ph. D. can range from $15,000 to $30,000 or 15 to 20 head of cattle. For a woman with a college degree, it can range from $8,000 to $12,000 or eight to 12 head of cattle.

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In terms of the RCMA, the offering of lobola is not a prerequisite for there to be a valid customary marriage. The paying of lobola does however frequently happen.

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Thus, the practice of lobola, which is often abused, promotes child marriages whereby minors enter into marriage with majors. Their purchaser is detrimental to personal autonomy. Thus, lobola has far-reaching disadvantages. Correspondingly, lobola contributes to the oppression of women.
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