Lesbian Spells

Lesbian Spells

Lesbian spells are a form of magic you get from a spell caster. This is the reason they are sometimes called lesbian magic spells. These spells are specifically for women who want to fall in love with other women. They seek to address all the areas linked to same-sex relationships between women. While most people would generally think that lesbian love spells that work are only designed for people looking for love for the first time, the reality is that they are designed to also help people who are already in love. If you have a feeling that you and your partner are drifting apart and that spark that brought you together in the first place has lost its flame, it may be time for you to act with haste to save your relationship.

Can you use a spell to make someone lesbian?

There is a question I often get from people who are looking for love. They ask, can I use a spell to make someone lesbian. While I may disappoint you, I will be honest and say that this is not possible, and it is not the reason for lesbian voodoo spells. Just like you can’t make someone a man or a woman, you can’t make a person lesbian. These spells are created to help you find love, not to turn people into what they are not. Just like you would not like anyone to change you into something you are not, you also do not have a right to change other people into what they are not. Anywhere, why would you want to be in a relationship with someone against their will? There are many people out there waiting to fall in love.

So, instead of asking yourself how to make someone lesbian spell, you should rather be looking for spells to make yourself more attractive. The right person will soon come to you


Different Ways to Cast Lesbian Love Spells

There are so many love spells that people claim that work. I really would not advise you to try them at home. The best thing would be to see an expert. These love spells are but a few that I can remember, but let us look into these types of love spells

Honey Jar

You cast this spell by writing the name of a person on a piece of paper. Dip the piece of paper in a jar of honey. They will become your honey. It may sound easy, but remember there’s no room to be wrong when dealing with spells

Candle Magic

This one is prevalent among heterosexual and lesbian love. Some spell casters teach a simple method of casting this spell, e.g., simply lighting a candle while slowly enchanting your intentions. Others have very ritualistic ways to use a candle. The procedures can be complex and the stages confusing.


Magic Bath

Your spellcaster will instruct you on how to make the bath. Different spell casters have other ingredients. Whether you read it online or consult with an expert, you have to do a step-by-step follow-up on the ritual if the magic has to work.

Daily words of affirmation

I think this is the easiest so far. This method requires that you write down some words that you say every morning and every evening in front of a mirror to cast a love spell.

I bet this is easy because, even when we want something so badly or want to give ourselves a pep talk, we look into the mirror and say some nice words to ourselves, and there we heal.

The Magic of Roses

I have never gone to a magic well and thrown a penny while making a wish. Although, I have blown candles to make a birthday wish. In the same way, casting a love spell using rose petals is easy. You have to be at a place with moving water. Toss the petals as you make a wish.

Lesbian attraction spell to bring a lover back

Maybe you are saying that your relationship has already crumbled, and your lover has left you. Well, there is no need to despair because the right lesbian spell will soon have your lover back in your arms. All you just have to do is to ensure that you believe that this is possible. If spells do not work, it is really because people cast them while still not believing that they will work. Lesbian love spell-free will get you to love even in the most difficult of times. I know that some people may not be together because one of the people or both of them are afraid of being judged. The most powerful lesbian spells will take all the fear away from both of you.

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