Lemon love spell

Lemon love spell

Lemon love spell

The 1st Method of casting the lemon love spell to bring back ex-lover This method requires the following ingredients: A small glass of water – Two fresh lemons – One white candle or a pink candle – The names of both partners wishing to relight their bond together – A red marker pen – A black marker pen – A photo of the two lovers together.

Use the lemon love spells to bring back your lover 

Your ex-lover means a lot to you. He is your one and only love, so he can be the one to break you or build you. This time you feel so vulnerable that you are not with him. It seems like you can not manage without him. Now I am offering you the chance to help you bring him back. To make him love you again so much. To feel the same way for you as he used to be when you had just met.  You fear that now he has moved on, and you can not bring him anymore to you. Things are not making any more sense for you and him. It is your time to smile and shine. Use it well so that you bring back the love of your life.

How Do You Spell Lemon?

If you fear that someone in your household is the victim of black magic, or is being influenced by an obsessing dark spirit, you must put on a white plate with 3 lemons cut in half with a little sugar, just under the bed where the person sleeps.

If two people sleep in the same bed, you must place the lemon on a piece of paper with the name and surname of the person whose life energy you want to figure. Remember, only one name per spell.

Now, you have to put a little plate with water right beside him. If the lemons darken quickly, it means they are absorbing negative energy, which indicates something wrong is happening in your house. Afterward, threw away those lemons outside our house and cleaned the affected person by burning sage in his room for 3 days straight.

For 3 days, pass the burning sage from head to toe of the affected person. This way the room will be cleansed, bypassing the smoke in every corner, walls, windows, and doors.

After 3 days, remake the spell with the lemons exactly as explained above. If they darken quickly again, immediately seek professional help.

Lemon Magickal Properties: Spiritual Meaning & Uses In Spells

Bring Him/Her Back Today Using My Effective Lemon Love Spell

This effective lemon love spell cast by a professional spell caster to get your ex back is here to bring back that loved one that you have been chasing after. The relationship is over, but you still want to get your ex back? This effective love spell is ideal for this type of situation. Today we will see how the lemon ritual works to recover a couple. This is a spell from the Book of Shadows, and I would like to point out that it should not be taken lightly. If a relationship is over, it’s best to let some time pass before you try anything. If you feel that it is best for both of you to get back together, then you can try these two lemon spells for the love I describe below or contact the free spell caster to get your ex back for help.

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