isibabuli isiwasho

isibabuli isiwasho

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What is isichitho, and why is it a curse?

Isichitho is a curse that is made by people using a muthi as to make divisions in a relationship (or family) by making a victim unattractive and annoying. In the majority of situations, the goal is to make the person who wants to steal your partner look unattractive.

What is isichitho?

Isichitho is a witchcraft spell used by wicked people to make the victim less attractive to their partner or to other people in general.

What is the Isichitho curse?

Isichitho is something that is something of a human-made curse. In most cases, it is used by someone who hates you, does not want to see progress in life or someone who wants to end your relationship with your significant other by making you seem unattractive and annoying.

isibabuli isiwasho.ukuphuza isibabuli,isibabuli meaning,isibabuli nobisi,isiwasho sokuthola umsebenzi,sulfur powder and vaseline,sulphur powder,iziwasho zokuchela,mnelisi iziwasho.

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The attraction spells

nozimanga isiwasho seyimanga, is the kind of spell that you can use to attract someone in other words you care about in your life. However, you can turn to attraction spells, which they use to attract someone sexually or for other reasons. In addition, Attraction spells help you attract the person you want in your life.

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How To Do It?

You will need to add all these items to the bucket of clean rainwater.

  • A quarter of a white spirit,
  •  Camphor Blocks (3)
  • 3 Table Spoons of Pink Bath Salt and
  • 3 Table Spoons of the Holy India Ash.

With this mixture, you will have to steam with it for at least three consecutive days. On the fourth day, you will bathe with it and throw it in the toilet or any kind of drainage.

Within these three days, you will notice a change in your life. If you are a gambler, you will constantly win your bets.

What’s more, the individuals who do utilize them, use them to purge themselves, free themselves from misfortune, break curses cast on them, bring back lost love, fix a relationship that is on it edge of self-destructing, light up their atmosphere, pull in the other sexual orientation, to have cash or to just bring back their karma.

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