Is body swapping true?

Is body swapping true?

 Is body swapping true? Yes, two souls can swap their bodies. This is true from ancient times and now too.  In this world, the mind can be copied and transferred into duplicates, but never swapped between humans. If there is any science behind body swapping, we don’t know what it is, so don’t know how it would be done. The Mirror Has Two Faces: Taki finds himself in the body of Mitsuha in writer/director Makoto Shinkai’s Your Name. In the charming and soulful Japanese anime Your Name, two teenagers who have never met wake up rattled to discover that they have switched bodies in their sleep, or more precisely their dreams.

If there is any science behind body swapping, we don’t know what it is, so don’t know how it would be done. A “brain transplant” would be less than ideal as it would be indescribably difficult; even if you could reconnect the millions of neurons between the brain and spinal cord, nerve cells don’t regenerate very well.
A body swap (also named mind swap soul swap or brain swap) is a storytelling device seen in a variety of science and supernatural fiction, in which two people (or beings) exchange minds and end up in each other’s bodies.
bodyswap (plural bodyswaps) (fiction) The act or event of two people or other thinking creatures exchanging minds (by magic, technology, or other means) so that each one ends up in the physical body of the other.

Do they switch bodies in your name?! What’s the show where they switch bodies?! Why is your name the best anime?! Can we switch our bodies? Is body swapping true?

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Body Swap Reverse! Switching Matt and Maddie Back True Identity - YouTube

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