Intidili / intili/ sea bean Ubhontshisi wasolwandle umila ezihlahleni ngasolwandle, uyisihlahla. Uqhamuka kabili, owesilisa nowesifazane, ukuze wazi ukuthi iyiphi ozoyisebenzisa. kuchaza inhlanhla. More info kwi-ntindili. Iyini ngempela intindili? Iyisihlahla esizimilelayo lapha eSouth Africa. Intindili iyi-seed

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INTILI/SEA BEAN The sea bean grows on trees by the sea, it is a tree. It comes in two, male and female, so you know which one to use. it means luck. More info on the website. What exactly is honey? It is a tree that grows here in South Africa. Honey is a seed

The seeds of this remarkable plant are coveted items in the local muthi market because of their medicinal and magical value.
These seeds have mystical properties to protect one from misfortune, and evil spirits and promote dream state but they have rules
1. Worn as a necklace
2. Can be placed under a pillow to promote clear dreams
3. If you are on your period or having sex, you cannot use it

intindili Archives - Best Sangoma And Traditional Healer

This can be used for many reasons but mostly for wealth and protection. It can help you grow your finances and it can bring protection to your family as well. Keep it in your bag or pocket keep telling him what you want and thank him for all the work he has done for you.

Buy it from your chemist who sells traditional medicines and introduce it to your ancestors. Give it a name. Name it with something common that you can not forget. Clean yourself first by bathing with soup and water add a holy ash or the other muti you know for cleansing.

The introduction is done by ukunqula or ukuphahla . You put your sea bean on the white piece of cloth and one rand coin. Light two white candles, burn impepho, and kneel down to introduce him to the ancestors. Tell them to grant him all the powers. Tell everything you want your sea bean to do for you. Explain everything in detail

Uses of Intindili and its Application

Leave everything there for two days or three days. Take you one rand to the sea or the river. Talk about everything you said in the time of ukuphahla. Tell the seas that you need a lot of money, they must give luck and money and throw you one ran coin and go home

Take your ntindili and put in the white cloth in the room, and you can start to communicate messages to the spiritual world from there you will notice changes in your dreams, and you will feel drowsy or headache but it won’t last long, that time you intindili is starting to work

Warning! Never touch it with blood or milk or eggs. Do not eat fish and pork. Please stay away from those things otherwise your intindili will turn into a beast and kill, demand for more blood. Take it to another room if you are going to sleep with your partner. And make sure you wash and clean your hands with the holy ash or green spirit. Camagu!

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