Ice Spells

Ice Spells

Ice Spells

Ice spells are one of five types of Ancient Magicks combat spells that freeze the target in place and prevent it from moving. The duration of the freezing effect is shorter in Stealing Creation.

The Ice Spell is a magic spell used to freeze objects and enemies. This is the second spell obtained by the Hero. It is an optional but useful spell.

Melt Away a Bad Habit

Another powerful aspect of ice magick is the slow change in form as it melts. That’s the main feature of this habit-breaking spell. All you need is:

  • An ice cube
  • A black square of fabric
  • A dish
  • A white candle

Set up the candle behind the dish, and set your square of material in the dish. Light the candle, and set an ice cube on the fabric. Touch the top of the ice with each fingertip and say:

As the ice melts away,
my [habit] leaves today.

Leave the candle to burn and the ice to melt. Once you have a dish of water, touch the surface with all your fingertips again and repeat the words. Leave the dish until the water has evaporated entirely, and you should start to see your habit disappearing with it.

I already have a potent Financial Freeze spell on another page that uses ice in your money magick, and the popular Lemon Love spell also uses a little ice magick. Make sure you check them out when you’re done reading the new ice spells on this page.

A Spell to Make Someone Leave You Alone

Glacier Bound Protection Spell

To create a magickal barrier around your home to block out negative influences, you can use this ice spell. Freezing it outside is best if the season allows for it, if not just do the whole thing right in the freezer. You’ll need:

  • A glass jar with a lid
  • A key
  • A piece of string
  • A length of black ribbon
  • Pure water
  • Pinch of black pepper

The key should be to your home so the spell is connected to your house, but it’s not necessary. Any key will do.

Fill a jar almost full with water curl up the black ribbon, and drop it in. It will just settle on the bottom. Add a sprinkle of pepper to the surface of the water.

Poke a hole in the center of the jar lid, and put the string through it. Tie a knot so it doesn’t fall through, and tie the key to the other end. Put the lid on the jar so the key is hanging in the water by the string. Repeat the words of the spell.

Water harden, make a shield
All around my home.
Ice and magick, keep me safe
Like a frozen dome.

Set the jar outside your front step overnight until it freezes solid. If it’s not winter, just freeze the jar in the freezer. Once it’s frozen, hold the jar and repeat the words again. Now pop the whole thing in your freezer to keep it solid.

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