Hypnotize Someone in Your Love

Hypnotize Someone in Your Love

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David hastily scrambled onto my couch. His swollen red eyes and his crumpled clothes told me he was a man in agony.

‘She’s left you, hasn’t she?’ I asked.

I’d seen it a thousand times before. Guys like David came running into my office every week, all of them with a similar story.

How To Hypnotize A Woman Without Her Knowing

Let’s switch gears a bit and talk about a very important concept…

“The bypassing of the conscious brain”

Some background…

It’s a “secret” technique used by the most manipulative people in the world.

Psychopaths, millionaires, master seducers… basically, the successful, dominant people in the world.

Simply, it’s a way for dominant guys to “bypass” a woman’s conscious brain to put her under control and dominance.

And how do you bypass a woman’s conscious brain?

One word: Hypnosis.

Now, even today, hypnosis is still a scientific and psychological mystery.

We don’t know everything about it. But, it’s proven time and time again to be one of the most effective persuasive methods in the world.

Here’s how it works…

Hypnosis is used to remove urges from the subconscious brain and replace them with more favorable elements.

For example, hypnosis is the number one method in the world of stopping people from smoking.

Additionally, clinical hypnosis is used to treat mental health issues. It works on people to change their perceptions about the world around them.

And that’s exactly the same as what we’re using it for – on women.

How To Beat A Woman’s Rejection Mechanism – Use Hypnotic Suggestions

You already know that appealing to a woman’s conscious mind is pointless.

The female brain is hard-wired to reject direct advances from a male. Ever seen a guy walk up to a girl in a bar and tell her directly that she’s going home with him?

No, because we all know it wouldn’t work. And if you have seen a guy try that, you can guarantee he went home alone. When a guy tries to be openly dominant, he usually comes across as a try-hard asshole.

Instead, dominance needs to be implied at a subconscious level. This is where hypnotism comes into play.

The medical power of hypnosis - BBC Future

Can someone be hypnotized to love someone?/ I hypnotize a man I love?/ do you mesmerize someone?/How do you hypnotize someone with words?/

In this article, I’m going to teach you exactly what I taught David. But, before we go there, there are a few things I need to clarify.

To make this method work for you, you will need to have balls of steel. You need a real brass ring piece to pull it off.

Don’t get me wrong now. The techniques I’m going to teach you aren’t that difficult by any means…

…but a lot of men worry about the moral repercussions on their conscience.

Frankly, your “morals” or “ethics” are none of my concern. I mean, I’ve received lots of backlash from my “how to seduce a married woman” guide and yet I didn’t give a shit.

Also, understand that this isn’t some worthless ‘if you love her, let her go’ bullshit you see on every dating site out there.

Make no mistake… what I am going to share with you is pretty manipulative by any standard.


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Also, here’s the thing…

“Hypnotizing a woman into falling in love with you” is most commonly done by Shoguns who want their exes back. And that may or may not be your situation right now.

How to Hypnotize Someone to Love You

Don’t get me wrong now… “Seduction” has its time and place.

To the large majority of Shogun Method clients, their needs are different.

For one, they are already WAY past the “pickup” stage.

David, for instance, would need way more than “Pickup Artist” trickery to put his woman under control.

Makes sense?

As far as the Shogun Method is concerned, “seduction” is only the beginning…

The REAL end game is Enslavement.

Yes, Enslavement… with a capital “E”.

As soon as I mention this word to my clients, their eyes widen like I’ve just told them they have to commit mass murder.

Let’s not kid ourselves here…

The word Enslavement conjures up pretty grim visuals, I’ll admit to that.

Let me clarify something here. What I’m talking about is emotional, not physical Enslavement.

It’s a relatively simple concept, really.  Emotional Enslavement is the state of a woman being addicted to you emotionally.

Once enslaved, she needs to be around you or in a relationship with you to achieve her emotional high.

Not surprising, right?

Make no mistake… Enslavement is absolutely crucial in the dating process.

Without it, you run the risk of your wife or girlfriend leaving you for a guy she’s on a business trip with. And my friend David can vouch that this isn’t something you want to experience.

What’s The Quickest Way To Hypnotize A Woman?

If I had to pick just ONE way to hypnotize a woman – one that was the quickest and surest way – it would have to be Fractionation.

Think of it this way: Most, if not all, Shogun Method techniques and principles are based on or are related to Fractionation. It’s probably the most powerful Mind Control technique known to man.

You Got To Manipulate Her Emotional Flaws

When it comes to making a woman emotionally dependent on you, Enslavement is the end game.

Firstly, women don’t think like you or me. The female thought process is entirely different to a man’s.

And as you will discover, a woman’s mind is terribly flawed which makes it vulnerable to be exploited.

Now here’s the biggest flaw inside a woman’s mind:

Her need for emotional drama.

A woman’s life is ruled entirely by emotions, and never by reason.

It makes complete sense if you think about it…

I mean, how many times have you seen a woman act completely irrationally for no real reason?

A lot, I bet.

Now think: how many times have you seen a man throw a tantrum over something irrelevant?

Exactly. A hell of a lot less, if ever.

So ask yourself – why is there such a divide in rational behavior between men and women? Well, the answer is quite simple:

The female brain is wired to act based on emotion, rather than rationale.

This is a flaw in the female psyche.

(On the other hand, men think with their brains, and women think with their hearts.)

The reason women are prone to emotional outbursts is because they can’t control them.

Their subconscious brain is telling them to act that way, despite what their conscious brain says.

And the best part?

We can exploit this flaw for our benefit.

This is how: if we can gain access to the subconscious part of a woman’s brain, we can insert whatever information we want in there.

Makes sense?

Conscious vs. Subconscious Thinking

Let’s investigate a little further about the two modes in a person’s grain:

“Conscious vs subconscious thinking”

The conscious mind is the sort of day-to-day “you”.

I’m writing these words using my conscious mind, just as you are reading them in the same way. We are both aware of what we’re doing. The conscious mind is your critical side.

The unconscious mind, on the other hand, is responsible for everything else…

It’s the part of the brain that influences a large majority of decisions you make.

The information that is received by a person’s subconscious is immediately accepted by their rational brains without question.

That person will feel as though “they” have welcomed the information… when in actual fact it was forced there.

Before we go any further, I must warn you about dealing with an exposed subconscious:

Experts believe that the subconscious mind isn’t supposed to be altered in any way.


How To Hack Into A Woman’s Subconscious Mind

Women make their decisions based on their emotions, not their rationale. This makes accessing her subconscious a little easier.

Professional hypnotherapists access the subconscious by ‘overloading’ it.

Sometimes, this can take the form of ‘sensory overload’. Think about a time when so much information has been coming at you that you’ve simply zoned out.

That zoning out is a mild hypnotic trance.

Another method is known as the ‘Confusion Technique’.

This involves keeping the conscious part of the brain busy to ‘open up’ the subconscious.

It’s by far the most common method used by hypnotists, magicians, and manipulators… and you’re going to learn all about it next. Read also,  How To Make A Girl Like You (With Mind Control Techniques)

How To Enslave A Woman In Three Steps

Let’s go through a real-world example now, alright?

Say that you want to get your ex-girlfriend back. She’s left you for another guy and you want to guarantee it doesn’t happen again.

Here’s what we’re going to do to get her back… in three steps.

  • Step 1 – You’re going to add an element of Intrigue to your relationship. This is important in capturing her attention.

Ever seen a hypnotist click their fingers and get someone under their spell? They’re using the Confusion Technique. We’re going to do something similar.

  • Step 2 – You’re going to begin the hypnotic trance with a Mind Control technique known as Future Projections.

This will set the framework for what’s to come. The reason we don’t go balls-out yet is that you need to prime her. You need to begin softly and then gradually turn the heat up.

  • Step 3 – You’re going to use Fractionation to achieve your end result – total emotional Enslavement.

When you reach this point, there’s no turning back. She’ll be yours forever and there will be nothing you can do to change that.

Are you ready? Let’s go!

I Tried Hypnotherapy to Get Over My Breakup

How To Use Fractionation On Women

Here’s what you need to know about Fractionation –

It’s a process that forces a woman to recall both positive and negative experiences from her past.

In short, you’re taking her on an emotional roller coaster with you.

This is where you really start changing her subconscious beliefs. Once the hypnotic trance takes hold, you can use this to go anywhere you want.

What’s more…

The emotional bond she will create you with as a result of her trance will be unbreakable. It’s a win-win situation!

Sample Fractionation Script

Some bad news…

You see, I can’t just put the secret behind Fractionation out there for anyone to see.

Those who are “in the know” have promised to keep it to themselves.

(These are people inside the ShogunMethod.net community.)

Amazing, right?

So, What Happened To David?

Long story short: David took my advice.

Here was what he did:

  1. He froze out his ex-girlfriend for two weeks to build Intrigue with her (Step 1)
  2. He then sent a Future Projections script to get the ball rolling (Step 2)

And when David took the final step (3), the deal was sealed. Here is how it all went down…

The next day, he managed to bump into her around town. As soon as he began his Fractionation script, she was glued to his side.

David’s days of being a beta male are long over now. He’s learned how to be a dominant, successful manipulator… and he’s reaping the rewards of his new knowledge.

Amazing, right?

Look here…

Are you in a similar situation to my friend David?

Realize that you’ll need to move AWAY from the lame “dating” tricks that you may be using.

Break the rules. Give yourself an advantage. Hypnosis works, being a nice guy doesn’t.

Immerse yourself in Mind Control and learn how to hypnotize women for YOUR benefit.

Click on this link below to get a head start on using Mind Control to enslave a woman emotionally:

How To Secretly Hypnotize Someone? How Do I Avoid Getting Found Out?

If it’s easily spotted or found out, it’s bad hypnosis.

That’s why we focus on bypassing her conscious mind and influencing her subconscious mind. Shogun Method has hundreds of different techniques, principles, and verbal routines (called “Sequences”) that do precisely that.

The key is to find what works for you and get you the results you want. Different Shoguns will have different strategies, but they all focus on the same end goal: Enslavement.

This article has introduced you to a few techniques: The “Freeze-Out” (not contacting her for two weeks), “Future Projections,” and “Fractionation.” To learn more, read the other articles in our database – or, for the best bang for your buck, learn about Fractionation first.

How To Hypnotize A Girl To Kiss You?

What you CAN do is hypnotize a woman the Shogun Method way. That is, you make a woman so emotionally addicted to you (read: “Enslaved”) that, eventually, she won’t be able to herself back from kissing you.

As in, you can make a woman fall in love with you even if she’s meeting you for the first time.

For a couple of Shogun Method techniques you can start using today, check out the “Chance Meeting” Sequence in the How To Hypnotize Someone Into Falling In Love With You Action Checklist. Click here to download your copy.

Is the Shogun Method A Type Of “Hypnotic Seduction”?

The answer is “yes” and “no,” and here’s why…

Firstly, “yes,” it’s “hypnotic” in the sense that it uses hypnotic techniques to influence women’s decisions in the realm of love, dating, sex, and relationships.

And secondly, “no,” it’s not “seduction” where the mere goal is to seduce a woman using the least time and energy possible. If you think about it, the idea of seduction is shortsighted, selfish, and unfulfilling in the end.

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