How to get your crush to be obsessed with you?

How to get your crush to be obsessed with you?

How to get your crush to be obsessed with you?.  To make your crush fall for you and be obsessed with you, try creating a manifestation box. A manifestation box is a box of your choice that holds all the dreams and wishes that you want to manifest. You should fill this box with everything that represents your crush or the thing you want to manifest.

What to say to make your crush like you more?

If you see your crush sitting on a bench, you could say, “Hey! Mind if I sit with you?” or “It’s a beautiful day out, isn’t it?” Smile. A smile makes you seem happy and open. To appeal most to your crush, flash them a smile to let them know you’re feeling friendly. If you feel intimidated, imagine your crush as an old friend to feel more at ease.

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How to manifest your crush to be obsessed with you?

When you want to manifest something, there’s another effective method that you can try. It is called the pillow method, and it works well with manifesting your crush to be obsessed with you. Write down what you intend to manifest, and then put that piece of paper under your pillow.
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