How to become a witch?

How to become a witch?

How to become a witch?

No witch is just born into being. Becoming a witch is much more than just the initial interest one has due to a movie or book that has been watched or read. Being a witch involves much learning, much reading, and a strong desire. No how-to guide will lead you down the path to being a witch of any sort. Also, there are many historical references to the power of witchcraft, ways of doing divination, and spells. There is no right or wrong way, a witch will learn as they walk the path. One must truly question the reasons they have for the desire to become a witch. Take advantage of this great opportunity and find out all you ever needed to know about becoming a witch

What type of witch are you?

This is a question that we see often in many online communities. A wide variety of responses usually follows green witch, kitchen bitch, hearth bitch, and hedge bitch. You can read some explanations in this article, but there is no hurry to choose a “type,” if ever. The world of witchcraft is a world of exploration and never-ending learning. There’s always something new to learn, experience, and practice. So, if something sounds interesting, explore it. Even if you decide to identify as one type or bitch, it shouldn’t preclude you from looking into other types of witchcraft or other practices that you may feel drawn to.

How to become a witch?! What tools do you need to be a witch?! What does it mean to be a witch?! Can you practice just one type of witchcraft?!

While there certainly is no rule stipulating that you can only practice one type of witchcraft, choosing one area to focus on can consecrate your learning and your overall practice. Those who practice green witchcraft focus on nature, the earth, and the elements. Many people assume that becoming a witch simply means giving yourself the title of bitch and then casting the occasional spell. This would be like buying yoga pants and mala beads and calling yourself a yogi. Each will require different tools for performing particular spells, but the basics are more or less universal, though it should be stated that none of these items are required for you to be it Select a wand.

How to get into witchcraft

Every witch has their own story. It might be a book, a friend, a video, a movie, or even a piece of music, but there’s always something that sparks interest in the mysteries. Once sparked, it’s usually pretty easy to tend the flame. A new bitch is confronted with a ton of information- and also misinformation, too. Books by known publishers usually are pretty reliable, but it’s always good to vet your sources. One of the most important skills to learn is the skill of discernment, meaning recognizing good information from bad.

Growing your witchcraft practice one seed at a time

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