How does to get a raise in pay spell work?

How does to get a raise in pay spell work?

How does getting a raise in pay spell work? Spells work best when specific, and thus get a Raise in Pay spell’s only focus is on raising your pay. Spell to Make Your Boss Give You a Raise. We all fantasize about telling our boss, “Give me a raise, or I quit!”, but don’t, you might get fired.

Spell To Get A Raise At Work

Spell To Get A Raise At Work, Every other employee wants to get a raise at his job when he or she puts all his or her efforts into action and does hard work and overtime to make his or her company grow in the market. Thus, no one wants to get a raise at work, especially when one puts in all his dedication and efforts.

How to get a raise at work?

In this article, we will describe a spell. With the help of this given Interval, you may be able to get a rise at your work. Therefore, perform this with your faith and heart; then only this will work. You must have strong faith while performing this spell


  • Ginger 20 grams
  • Pecans
  • Hammer or Mallet
  • Salable glass or bottle


  1. Sit in a peaceful corner of your home, which should be neat and clean. Do not sit on the chair. Sit on the floor, you may take the assistance of a cushion or pillow to support your back.
  2. Meditate for a few minutes imagine your raise at your workplace and recite the following lines:
  3. May my career bring an increase in my life?
  4. Gently crush the pecans with the help of a hammer, and put it into the bottle. Seal the jar and hide it. Do not take it out until you get a raise at your workplace.
  5. Meditate for a few more minutes. Imagine your raise and then the money you earn, the success you deserve, and the more authority you will get at your workplace.

How To Put A Hex On Your Boss?

Sometimes you may have a ruthless boss. He may be harassing you so much that the only way out might be to make him suffer. For

this, some of you may want to know how to put a hex on your boss. But before taking this step, consider a few things. For example,

explore if there are other ways of solving the problem. You must also check if you can choose the path of forgiving the boss. If none

of this works, then you must find out how to put a hex on your boss. But you have to be prepared for the worst outcome. For

example, if you curse someone, the chances are that in the long run, even you may have to suffer. If you are prepared for the worst,

then collect the ingredients. You will need a clean glass jar, a small doll, or a picture of your boss and rusted nails. Now let us

check how to put a hex on your boss. Firstly, clean the glass — jar with water. Next, take the doll. This represents your boss. You

may also take a picture of your boss. If you are taking the picture, then write the name of the boss in red and black ink on the picture.

Next, place the doll or the picture in the glass jar. While doing this, put all your negative energy in one place and think about your

intentions. Next, take the rusted nails and pierce these into the head of the doll. If it is a picture, then pierce it into the picture. Next,

close the jar and never open it. Finally, keep this jar in a dark place. Ideally, it must be close to the target. So, you can place it

somewhere in the boss’s cabin or bury it in his backyard. The spell will take a few days to show its power.

Is it Legal to Pay Your Employees in Cash?

Which Spell Use To Make Your Boss Give You A Raise?

Spell To Make Your Boss Give You A Raise, It is not enough that your boss likes you. You are working hard to earn money. So, it is important that he gives you a promotion and raise.  It may happen that your boss is not giving you a raise or he is not paying you well. In that case, you have to make use of the spell to make your boss give you a raise.

For casting the spell, you will need certain ingredients. These are yellow taper candles, pins, the glitter of golden and green color, bay leaves, honey, and a lighter. Now for casting the spell to make your boss give you a raise, first dip the pin in honey. Next, with this pin, write your full name on the side of the taper candle. Remember to write the first name vertically from top to bottom on the candle.

Next, on the plate, sprinkle the glitter and roll the candle in the glitter. Now surround the candle with bay leaves and light the candle. Next, say the spell to make your boss give you a raise. This is as follows: By the forces of purity and light, lift me with the power of right. Promote me, create me, and so I make more money. This I make true with fire and honey.

Finally, sit in front of the candle and imagine that you are getting a promotion. You must sit in front of the candle until it burns down completely.

Spell For Your Boss To Like You

Spell For Your Boss To Like You or to make your boss promote you can be used to sweeten your boss. Our spell caster will provide you spell to get a raise at work for work as fun in the office.

We all are always dreaming about promotion, where we get promoted to the next level and become superior in our staff. At our workplace, we want to become preferred, so our colleagues may follow our instructions according to us.

Spell For Your Boss To Like You

Job is not an easy thing to perform; it takes a lot of effort, hard work, and dedication to stabilize our livelihood with our work. Thus, no one ever wants to lose his or her job despite how much it gives you a headache, but no one wants to quit it until one finds a much better job than the existing one.

We always dream about our dream job where we can enjoy our life. No matter how much it gives pain to you or worries to you, but if it is your dream job, then you may take all the pain inside you and enjoy your work.

Boss, the person on whom we always stay reliable in terms of our salary, livelihood, and reputation. We all want to prove ourselves with our best in front of him. Thus, most of us see some of our colleagues in the office do butter to the boss. Only to achieve promotion, higher salary, and more advantages. But it does not seem right.

The real way to get your boss to like you is to work efficiently and hard. Yes, these two factors are the way to become useful in the eyes of your boss. Therefore, this assists you in getting a promotion in your life, not the way of buttering.


Spell To Make Your Boss Promote You

Spell To Make Your Boss Promote You, Promotion- a dream for all of us at our workplace. We all want to be encouraged to become superior at our workplace and earn a high amount of package.

  • How to get promoted?

We are going to advise in some ways. With the help of such spells, you may be able to get a promotion at your workplace without putting in much effort. Thus, by performing this spell, an individual may be able to get an advertisement within a short period

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