Honey Jar Spell

Honey Jar Spell

Honey Jar Spell, This spell has stood the test of time for good reason. Witches have long used honey when casting love spells because of its sweetness. If you’ve ever heard the saying “You catch more flies with honey,” then you understand how powerful the concept of sweetness is when it comes to managing conflict and creating a sense of connection, harmony, and even affection.

This honey jar spell is often used by those who would like to improve their relationships with others. They can ignite a spark of connection between two people and help to create a new or renewed sense of connection between them. If you’ve recently experienced conflict, or you notice distance between you and another person, this is a great spell to use. It’s ideal to soften both sides and create a natural pull between the two of you. When it works, it’s up to you to continue the relationship in this close and connected way. This spell gives you the start you need, and your words and actions determine the future of the relationship.

Honey Jar Spell Casting

To begin, you’ll need a pen and paper. Write the name of the person you’re thinking of on the paper three times in succession. Next, rotate the paper 90 degrees and write your own three times in succession, overlapping the letters with the letters of the other person’s name. This next part is crucial: create a clear intention. Whether you’re looking to improve your romantic relationship; wanting to reconcile a long-lost friendship; or even trying to improve your relationships with co-workers, be clear about your intended outcome.

Next, write down your intention – be careful here, because you need to write it out in a circle without lifting your pen. Writing in cursive is helpful for this step, but not required. Once you’ve written the full intention out in a circle around both of your names, you can go back to add the little dot to your i’s and cross your t’s. That’s it for the pen – you can set it aside.

As you place it inside the honey jar, make sure that your fingers graze the honey. Leave the folded paper inside and as you remove your fingers from the jar, use the following incantation:

“Just like this honey is sweet, that’s how (insert name of another person) will be for me.”

After saying the incantation out loud, lick the honey that coated your finger and seal the jar of honey that contains the folded paper.

Grab a candle, set it on top of the jar, and light it. It’s important you choose the right color for the candle to complement your intention. Choose from the following colors depending on your situation:


. White 

This is a neutral color and can be used when your situation is general in nature.

. Pink 

this color is all about emphasizing love; it can be any kind of love, not necessarily romantic.

. Red

use this color if you’re looking to improve a romantic relationship. Red signified passion.

. Brown

This is a useful color if you’re dealing with matters regarding justice. If you have an upcoming court date, for example, this color can help to improve the way you are perceived to improve your outcome.

Let the candle burn down completely. Once this has happened, store it in a secret location only you know about – no one should be able to find it. Let a full seven days pass and complete the candle ritual again.

How did we make the list?

Though love spells were previously passed along in sacred circles, the internet has allowed these rituals and incantations to be made available for those who wish to discover the knowledge of love magic. To put this list together, we looked for free love spells online that create the most beneficial outcome, no matter your situation. We only recommend spells that generate powerful positive energy.


Magic spells are not to be taken lightly – we only recommend spells that offer you protection, that create positive energy, that release negative energy, and that respect the free will of all involved.

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