Greek spells

Greek spells

Greek spells. As it’s nearly Valentine’s Day, we have collected some ‘charming’ love spells preserved in the Greek magical papyri of the British Library. Such spells were believed to rouse love and passion, but more worryingly they were also intended to bind and

attract the loved one to the user. Some spells even went so far as to cause suffering to the victim, which was to end after the

lovers were united. But Most of the spells presented below are preserved in Papyrus 121, a magical handbook presumably from 4th-

century Egypt, originally a rollover two meters long, containing spells for various purposes, from healing and binding to obtaining protection and success.

Love spells often have titles that define their nature in more detail. One of the most frequent types is the love spell ‘that lead’, named agōgē and agōgimon in Ancient Greek (from the verb agō, ‘to lead’). But This type of spell had the aim of bringing the victim to the person performing the magic.

The root word for magic (Greek: Mageia; Latin: magia) derives from the Greek term magic, which refers to a Median tribe in Persia and their religion, Zoroastrianism

 Ancient greet curses 

Curse objects were used to call ghosts from the Underworld to bring suffering to one’s enemies. but They were often buried with the dead who were believed to have the power to pass them on to a party that could carry them out.

Hecate or Hekate is a goddess in ancient Greek religion and mythology, most often shown holding a pair of torches, a key, snakes, or accompanied by dogs, and in later periods depicted as three-formed or triple-bodied.

For most magic acts or rituals, there existed magic to counter the effects. Amulets were one of the most common protections (or counter-magics) used in the Greco-Roman world as protection against such fearful things as curses and the evil eye; which were seen as very real by most of its inhabitants.

Ancient Greek love spells that work to recover a lost lover

Ancient Greek love spells were originally cast spells with the original materials and way to cast the spell. It’s the finest spell that anyone would ever wish to have solve their problems however the ones who cast these spells are few. But since it’s in the stars after the struggle you have been through the universe will lead you to the right person who will help you solve your problem. But All you need is to contact Billy through the contact form below or through WhatsApp directly.

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Ancient Greek love spells that work to strengthen a relationship

Ancient Greek love spells are one of the most powerful spells cast by Dr. Billy because they have their original scripts of how to be cast. But These are spells cast by naturally born witches like himself which is why you never find them elsewhere. But the Results here are for a lifetime unless you die.

Ancient Greek love spells to bind lovers

Do you want your relationship to last forever? Do you want your partner to stop cheating? Well, casting these ancient Greek love spells to bind lovers is one of the best remedies for a cheating partner. It can be in a marriage or in a causal relationship name it. But These are the finest love spells ever to make things happen.

In Greek mythology, the figure of Horkos (/ˈhɔːrkɒs/; Ancient Greek: Ὅρκος [hór. kos], lit. ‘oath’) personifies the curse that will be inflicted on any person who swears a false oath.  But He was the avenger of perjury and the punitive companion of the goddess Dike (Justice).
The five magic words are; Please, Thank you, I’m sorry, Pardon me, and Excuse me. These five magic words are words that must be infused into every growing child’s vocabulary. 
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