Good Luck Meditations

Good Luck Meditations

Good Luck Meditations

Good Luck Meditations, If you’re lucking for good luck spells without ingredients, explore the Guided Meditations on this site. Pairing your rituals for good luck with a guided meditation or devotional prayer can help you achieve greater success in your goals. The power of good luck chants comes from the ability to stop, breathe, and assess the situation. A simple exercise like a daily meditation can clear your vision and help you find opportunities everywhere in your life.

Purple Candle Guidance

Burn a purple candle as you follow this guided meditation to connect with the Divine Light and higher consciousness.

Prayer to Hermes

This Wiccan video devotional is dedicated to Hermes, the Greek messenger of the gods, skilled in all social exchange relations.

Prayer to Goddess Fortuna

Fortuna was the Roman goddess of luck, associated with all lucky events in the lives of mortals and gods, such as fertility, motherhood, and wealth.

This prayer, inspired by the Orphic Hymns of the third century, is ideal for an auspicious new beginning.

Amethyst Activation

This semi-precious stone is linked to attracting good luck and love. Charge your crystal with this guided meditation.

1. Be Clear on your Intentions

It’s impossible to achieve something unless you believe that you can do it. Use your mind as a projective tool to shape what you want to see happen in real life. “Good Luck” is a different concept for everyone, so you need to have a clear picture of what it is exactly that you want to attract. It could be health, it could be money, a relationship, a better job, etc. Start by defining what you want and then visualize in great detail what that looks like to you. This will allow you to cast an extremely powerful good luck spell.

2. Use the Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction works just like a magnet: I think of myself as a magnetic compass that automatically attracts matching circumstances and events. The Law of Attraction states that “like attracts like”. This occurs at a physical level, a mental level, and a spiritual level.

How to cast a good luck spell on yourself? Think like this: My job as a creator of prosperity and good luck in abundance is to keep my thoughts focused on what I want, all the time. Because I strongly believe in this unbreakable Law of the Universe, I owe it to myself to make it very clear in my mind exactly what I want, without error.

Like that, you will become what you think about the most, and you will also attract into your life what you think about the most. This happens on a subconscious level to all of us. Our destiny is not written for us, but by us, and most of the time we don’t even realize it!

The Law of Attraction

Thoughts and Emotions can be extremely powerful in creating or destroying your Good Luck. Always see yourself living in abundance and that’s what you will attract. It works for everyone, without exception.

3. Take Action

Imagine that you want to get a new job, but you never go to a job interview or tell anybody that you’re looking for a job. It would be impossible to achieve it, right? For the same reason, always be on the move and never give up. Open up to new experiences, try new things, and meet new people. With every step you take, you open the door for something different to happen to you.

A spell to bring good luck will open doors and help you see new opportunities, but it’s up to you to cross the doors and take the chances.

“It takes 20 years to make an overnight Success”
Good Luck Meditations

What is the best moon phase for Good Luck spells?

The Waxing Crescent Moon will help you attract positive change, good luck, and growth. Cast these spells as soon as you see a crescent moon. You could also try them on the New Moon to start the new lunar cycle with the best possible energies.

Are these Spells Safe to Cast?

Yes! All of these lucky rituals are considered White Magic spells for good luck. Along with spiritual cleanses, they are the easiest and safest type of spells to try even if you are a Beginner Witch. Most of these come from ancient good luck rituals and are designed to be safe since no external or negative entities are being called upon. If you aren’t sure, read these Safety Rules for Spellcasting before starting your ritual.

Are there Good Luck rituals for money?

Rituals for good luck and money spells can be combined or simply click here to find our Money Spells collection, which is specifically designed with the intention of attracting money, wealth, and prosperity into your life.

Are there any good luck rituals for the lottery?

Be very careful when searching for “spells to win the lottery”. Anyone who claims they can predict the winning numbers with Numerology, or make you win the Powerball with Magic spells, Voodoo or Witchcraft is lying to you. Money spells can help you accomplish a lot of things, like manifesting money that you really need but manipulating the odds of winning the lottery to make you a millionaire is not one of them.

I need spells for Good Luck in a job interview

Here’s a quick good luck spell: The day before the job interview, write the word ‘success’ and your name on a bay leaf. Place it under your pillow and go to sleep. The next day, put that bay leaf in your pocket or wallet and go to the interview. Keep it with you until you get the job. Click here to find more spells for Good Luck in your Job.

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