Gender Coin Curse

Gender Coin Curse

Gender Coin Curse Rated 1/5 Stars Spells Beauty Body Gender Coin Curse Can turn you into a girl. Will be permanent but can be reversible, results are slow but effective. Casting Instructions for ‘Gender Coin Curse’ You will need the following items for this spell: Coin White candle Share Light candle. Say 3x while holding coin over candle.

Is there a coin with a curse on it?

A very interesting coin as being the first in my experience which explicitly carried a curse for people who abuses the coin. Whilst a warning of death for counterfeiting is known to exist, this coin appeals to the spiritual/religious sentiments of the people instead in the form of a curse.

What is the curse on Roman Emperor Valens?

In 2007 a lead “coin-based” curse on a Roman emperor was found by a metal detector user in Lincolnshire. The 1,650-year-old curse was an act of treason, blasphemy and criminal defacement of the imperial coinage. The perpetrator had cursed the emperor Valens by hammering a coin with his image into lead, then folding the lead over his face.

Do permanent gender change spells work?

Permanent gender change spells that work Permanent gender spells are spells that work because they are cast by dr billy he is the only gender transformation spells caster that I know of and its because of him that today people can have a second chance from wherever they are to have a new life in a new body.

Casting Instructions for ‘Gender Coin Curse’

You will need the following items for this spell

Light candle. Say 3x while holding coin over candle

“This coin will hold the power,
to change my sex,
heads for change,
tails means not, this change will not wait,
for now, it will be fate,
whoever flips this coin,
and lands or heads will change their sex,
So mote it be!”

This coin will hold the power,

Set coin down with tails side up to cool off. Before flipping the coin, say once “Change, the change I wish for”.  Flip coin

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