Friendship bonding rituals

Friendship bonding rituals

Friendship bonding rituals, Friendship spells can be used to strengthen the bond between two people, allowing for a friendship to grow. Lovers may come and go, but friends are forever! If the intention is to take care of and maintain your friendships, follow these quick little rituals.

Give your kids a role, a job, or a way to contribute every day (like matching socks, passing out silverware, shoveling snow, or wiping down the counter). Play music or sing together. Get outside with your kids at least once a day. Sit down at every dinner, eat beside your kids, and have a conversation.
Friendship, ritualized (or guest-friendship), is a bond of trust, imitating kinship and reinforced by rituals, generating affection and obligations between individuals belonging to separate social units. In Greek sources this bond is called xenia, xeiniē, and xeineiē; in Latin, hospitium.
23 Tips to Bond With Someone (And Form a Deep Connection)
  1. Be friendly. Studies show that we like those who we know like us. …
  2. Focus on what you have in common. We like those we feel similar to. …
  3. Listen well. …
  4. Open up. …
  5. Maintain rapport. …
  6. Spend time together. …
  7. Do what you both enjoy. …
  8. Be open to giving and receiving feedback.
If you and your friend have trust, equality, compassion, honesty, and independence, you already have the foundation of a strong and healthy friendship. Even though it can be hard to recognize when a friendship is weak in some areas, it is always possible to improve yourself and your relationship with a friend

More Friendship Spell Ideas

These are other friendship spells that work without using candles. However, candles are encouraged because the Element Fire is naturally linked to deep emotions such as loyalty and affection.

Peace Oil Blend

SilverBear shares a wonderful DIY oil recipe in the Forums. Learn how to create peace with a simple jar spell.

Friendship Crystal: Rose Quartz

This gemstone’s energies are linked to unconditional love. Follow this meditation to bring true friends closer.

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Catnip for Cat Magick

If a Witch gives catnip to their cat, a psychic bond will form between the two. Learn more about the uses of Catnip in Witchcraft here:

Green Witch’s Cloves

Seven cloves placed in a bag and given to a friend will keep the friendship strong and enhance its positive qualities.

The Magic of Rue

Strengthen the friendship between you and someone else by making a white cloth sachet with some rue leaves inside plus the photographs of each one.

Friendship Spells: Adding Magic to any Relationship

Friendship spells can be used to strengthen the bond between two people, allowing for a friendship to grow. Lovers may come and go but friends are forever!

If the intention is to take care of and maintain your friendships, follow these quick little rituals. They are all Wiccan-friendly! ⛤ Feel free to modify and adapt the chants and ingredients to suit your specific needs.

Note: Before casting a spell on someone, it’s good to let them know what you’re doing.

  • Friendship Spells with Candles
  • More Friendship Spell Ideas

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What’s the best candle color for friendship?

Burn a pink or orange candle to reinforce a friendship. Pink is a color of love and harmony. Orange helps enable healthy relationships and attract friends.

Sweetening Spell

Honey is used in sweetening Magic. This is a spell to convert enemies into friends with a jar, a technique also known as a Witch Bottle. it can act as a “boss fix”, improving a relationship with a coworker or family member, turning them into a friend.

Spell To Get A Friend Back

Start the reconnection process with an old friend using a bit of Kitchen Magic! This easy spell will bring back a friendship with a little candle-burning ritual.

You’ll need cloves, sea salt for protection, and a pink or orange candle. You can also add pink roses and a pouch or sachet bag.

Easy Friendship Spell

Herbal Harmony Tea Spell

This Magical Tea recipe is perfect for a friendship ritual or a reconciliation spell. Put the kettle on, sit down, and share a cup of tea with your friend.

Goddess Blessing for a Friend

Your prayer can help and bring change in the life of a friend, no matter the particulars of their situation. Maybe they need healing, protection, or a bit of good luck.

Pet Protection Spell

Ancient healers used protection spells to keep farm animals such as chickens and horses safe. Cast a spell to protect your furry friends, giving them a long, joyful life.

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Spell for a Friend who Passed Away

Remember and honor the departed loved ones. Cast along this video spell and pay homage to cherished memories.

Prayer for the Departed

Watch and chant this pagan prayer to honor the loss of a loved one. If you recently lost a pet, friend, or family member, invoke strength, wisdom, and tranquility.

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