Fantastic Beasts spells

Fantastic Beasts spells

Fantastic Beasts spells– Revelio: a revealing spell; first used in the Fantastic Beasts film to reveal Graves is Grindelwald – Rictusempra: Tickling Charm; causes an extreme tickling sensation that disables the victim – Riddikulus: spell used when fighting a Boggart; causes the Boggart to transform into something the caster finds humorous. Harry Potter Spells: Which Spells Has Newt Scamander Cast in Fantastic Beasts?

  • Alohomora An unlocking charm, to get behind most any door
  • Petrificus Totalus A full body bind curse, petrifying the victim
  • Apparition A magical transportation spell, often done without words at all
  • Finestra A glass shattering charm, sure to disturb any local shop

What spells were used in Fantastic Beasts?

Here are all the verbal spells that Newt Scamander casts in the Fantastic Beast franchise to date.
  • Alohomora. An unlocking charm, to get behind most any door.
  • Petrificus Totalus. A full body bind curse, petrifying the victim.
  • Apparition. 
  • Finestra. 
  • Accio. 
  • Revelio. 
  • Ventus. 
  • Surgito.

The spells are in the Fantastic Beasts movies?! What spells does Newt Salamander cast in Fantastic Beast?! What spells does Grindelwald use in Fantastic Beasts?! How will Fantastic Beasts affect the Harry Potter universe?!

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