Door Creating Spell

Door Creating Spell

Door Creating Spell. Knock twice after casting the spell To Create a Door is a spell in the Book of Shadows that allows witches to create doors in any location they want, and presumably on any surface. The spell requires a witch to draw the door in white chalk on the surface, chant, and knock.

The door opens, you (and potentially a friend) pass through, and it closes. If you wanted to return, you would have to wait until your next turn and cast it a second time. Does this spell maintain momentum?

A very old spell to open a door: A Greek text from Egypt, apparently copied about 350 GC, describes a spell for opening doors: Taking the navel of a male crocodile and the egg of a scarab and the heart of a baboon, put these into a blue-green faience vessel. And when you wish to open a door, bring the navel to the door, saying.

One of the oldest spells in the Wizarding World, Accio is taught to Hogwarts students during their fourth year. Perhaps its most memorable use in the series is Harry’s summoning of his broom during the Triwizard Tournament and of the Triwizard Cup after the resurrection of Voldemort.11 Dec 2021
147 A gate spell. 148 ‘For making provision for a spirit in the realm of the dead’. This spell provided the names of the Bull of Heaven and his seven cows, providing an eternal supply of food and beer.
The main spell used for Hogwarts Legacy lockpicking is Alohomora. The spell, which first appears in the first Harry Potter book, opens doors and unlocks padlocks, however, in a deviation from the main series, some locks in Hogwarts Legacy can be enchanted with stronger locks.

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!How do you open a door with a crocodile?|How does the door open and close spell work?! What is the oldest spell to open a door?

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