Confidence Spells

Confidence Spells

Confidence Spells, well to be able to explain what confidence spells do, I think we need to start by asking ourselves what confidence is. Confidence is a feeling of self-assurance. In most cases, confident people are identified by having a positive image of themselves. Such people never bring themselves down with the things they say. They always say positive things about themselves, until the things they say become a kind of self-confidence chant.

What are confidence spells?

Now that we are clear about what confidence is, let’s talk about confidence spells. These are spells that can either build or destroy confidence. These are spells used by people looking to boost their confidence. However, they are also used by people who want to take the evidence of someone they believe is becoming too big for their boots. So, they are a form of self-confidence magick.

Confidence Spells

Confidence spells can be a real help in many different situations. Whenever you need some personal energy to be more sure of yourself, these can help. Sometimes that might be in the search for love, but it can also help during a job interview.

Confidence Spell This self-belief spell is for limitless self-belief which matches the unconscious. It erases the fears, negativity, and phobias from the wearer’s unconscious and instills sure idea patterns throughout the unconscious

I do have a few other confidence spells in usa already around the site, such as:

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  • Cool Confidence
  • Stand Tall Doll

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Can you cast a confidence spell for someone else?

Like all other spells, it is indeed possible that you can cast or do a ritual for confidence on behalf of someone else. However, as I always indicate, if you are going to cast a spell on behalf of someone else, you have to ensure that the person knows that you are casting the spell on their behalf. If you just cast the spell without the person knowing, they are likely to act in a contrary way to what the spell calls for. This means that the spell will simply not work.

However, there are times when you have to cast bravery spells for young people who may not even understand what you are doing; then, of course, you can cast the spell. Sometimes a person on their deathbed may not have the confidence that they can beat whatever ailment is afflicting them. This is when you can cast self-motivation spells on their behalf.

What is a self-confidence spell?! Do confidence spells work and change your fortune forever?! What color candle should I use for a self-confidence spell?

Cup of Confidence

I admit, I live for creating silly spell names. What can I say? Anyway, this is a water-based spell to draw more confidence and strength into yourself during a spell. You need these supplies:

  • A large piece of bloodstone
  • A silver or glass goblet (no plastic)
  • A few slices of fresh ginger
  • A few fennel seeds
  • A symbol of strength

The symbol you can use depends on your personal beliefs. A pentacle drawn on paper would work, or a Norse rune (such as Uruz) might be better. The Strength card from a Tarot deck is another choice. Take your pick.

Once you’ve decided on your symbol, prepare the rest of your spell.

Drop a piece of bloodstone in a glass, along with freshly sliced ginger root and fennel seeds. Fill the glass with clean water. Set this in a sunny window sill for about an hour, to absorb the warm strength of the sun. Then set your glass over your chosen symbol for another hour.

After all that, the water will have absorbed all the energy from the items and is ready for you. Repeat the following, then take a drink:

I am strong, I am powerful, I am confidence

Do your best not to swallow the ginger bits or the bloodstone. Only a few sips are necessary, but more would be better. Feel the warm taste of ginger go down your throat and start a fire inside of you. Not literally, of course.

Hold on to that energy next time you are out and need extra confidence.

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The confidence spell chant

While the confidence spells chant is something you can do by yourself and start producing results with practice, the spells tend to be a little more intricate than that. This is the reason why they cost a lot more than the other spells.

If you want to know whether these spells work, you can take it from me that they do. However, you have to ensure that the spells are cast by someone who really knows what they are doing. If the spells to make you fearless are not done the right way, you may find the little confidence you had to vanish away. So, you would want to ensure that there are no mistakes when it comes to casting these spells.

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