Conception Spell

Conception Spell

Conception Spell. Casting spells for pregnancy is an ancient art used for centuries. If you’re trying to conceive a baby, you can try one of these baby spells in addition to any medical protocols you’re using, such as Clomid, IUI, and other fertility treatments to increase your odds.

Conception Spell That Works

Do you want to conceive right now and be able to bear a child? I am going to help you with this conception spell for fertility which will get you pregnant after you have cast it. it is your best opportunity and no sane woman can dare miss so great an opportunity to be able to achieve her destiny as a woman. And so you should not let this pass by you without casting this powerful conception spell. It is your chance to become a mother and bring a new smile to the face of the earth. You will be able to change the fate of your relationship because you will not have to worry about your husband running away from you. You will actually give him more reason to be more close to you.

Consider the Timing of Your Spell

There are two ways you can time your spell. The first way is to cast the spell just at the time of your ovulation. However, you may prefer to cast your spell on the night of a new moon. The new moon is considered the most fertile of the lunar cycle since it marks the beginning of a new cycle. The spell doesn’t have an expiration date.

Male or Female Infertility Spell for a Baby

When a low sperm count is an obstacle, you can use a spell created to address this health issue. If a woman is having infertility issues, then she can use this spell, too. A couple can cast this spell together with the one with the infertility issues taking the lead or the one with infertility issues can perform this spell alone. It is a personal choice. Be sure to focus on your desired result, a healthy happy baby. Follow Steps One through Three before casting your spell.

Supplies and Items Needed

You will need several supplies and items to perform this spell. Gather them prior to performing any of the steps for the spell.

  • Ink pen, choose either blue (man) or pink (woman)
  • Small piece of blue paper (male) or pink paper (female)
  • 1 pair of disposable plastic gloves
  • Small bowl (fireproof)
  • Small disposable cup (optional)
  • Matches or lighter
  • Cotton swabs
  • Blue or pink taper or pillar candle (Be sure the color isn’t just an exterior coating but goes through the entire candle.)
  • Candle holder
  • 2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil or liquid coconut oil
  • 1 drop of sandalwood essential oil (male) or red clover essential oil (female)
  • 1 drop of frankincense essential oil (male) or stinging nettle essential oil (female)
  • Sage incense (male) or rosemary incense (female)
  • Conception Spell

1. Dress the Candle

For either male or female infertility, the steps are the same. The man will write or carve his name on the side of the blue candle. The woman will write or carve her name on the side of the pink candle. You will don a pair of plastic gloves. To dress (anoint) the candle you’ll need to mix the coconut oil (or olive oil) with the appropriate essential oils. This can be done in a bowl or a small disposable cup.

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2. Rub Oil Over Candle

Once mixed, the man or woman will dress the candle. Wearing the plastic gloves, use a cotton swab and rub the mixed oils over the candle.

  1. Speak your heart’s desire while dressing the candle.
  2. Once the candle is covered with the oil, set it in the candle holder.
  3. Dispose of the gloves, swabs, and leftover oil (seal in a plastic bag) in the trash.

3. Write Your Desire on Paper

Using the colored ink pen (blue for male) and (pink for female), write your desire onto the matching blue or pink colored paper. This can be written as, “I wish to be fertile so we can conceive a healthy happy child.” If you prefer, write this desire in your own words. Set the paper near the bowl along with the lighter or candles.

4. Light the Candle to Invite Your Child to Join You

Take a moment to focus only happy positive thoughts on the candle and your desire. Don’t allow any doubts, worries or negative thoughts to creep in. You only want good energy for this spell. Once you feel confident, light the candle. You can say a prayer, mantra, or chant during this process. As the candle burns, you will continue to cast your spell by repeating the following or you can write your own invitation.

“This candle represents my deepest longing to have a child.

This is my invitation to my unborn baby to join us and become a part of our family.

We have so much love to share with you.

Come be with us today and forever.”

5. Burn the Paper

Once you’re finished communicating your love and desire to spirit, lift the paper and light it, quickly setting it in the fireproof bowl. Watch the flames as the paper burns and focus your heart and mind on your desire for a baby. You should continue to focus on your desire to be a parent after the paper burns up. Focus on the candle and continue as long as you need.

6. Allow the Candle to Burn and Self-Extinguish

The candle needs to burn down for the spell to be complete. Don’t leave the burning candle unattended. Once the candle self-extinguishes place it and the ashes from the bowl in a glass jar and bury it to finalize your intent with the spell.

Using Pregnancy Spells to Conceive

You can always create your own spell tailored to your personal beliefs and likes. There are many other baby spells that don’t use candles, but for anyone having difficulty getting pregnant, the powerful candle spell is a great choice. Once you cast a pregnancy spell, you need to let it go, be patient, and not dwell on it.

Conception Spell That You Need

Every man yearns to become a father because that is a source of pride. It places him high among other men and most especially those who are close to him. You shouldn’t wait for your husband to leave you in search of such honor before can do something; the time is right now for you to conceive and you have this effective conception spell within your reach.

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There are several baby spells that are used for fertility issues. While you can cast the spell by yourself, it’s fitting for a couple to perform the ritual together. Your combined love and positive energies will make your spell more powerful. Read through the spells and decide which one best fits your current circumstances.

Step One: Preparation for Casting Your Spell! Powerful Conception Spell

You’ll need to gather the necessary supplies and items to cast your candle pregnancy spell. These should be set up and ready for you as soon as you finish the preparation of the room.

Smudge the Room

You need to light a white candle to set the intent of clearing negative energies. Smudging the room clears a room of negative energies. It is done with the burning sage or other incense. You’ll carry the burning sage or incense around the room, pausing at each corner to wave the smoke deeper into the corners.

Prayers, Chants, or Mantras

You will repeat one or more prayers, chants, or mantras while smudging the room. Once you’re satisfied the negative energy or entities are no longer in the room, you’ll evoke the white light to fill the cleared space. You can pray or chant:

“I invite pure divine white light to fill this room and close the circle against benevolent spirits and entities.

Only spirits and beings of divine love and light are invited and can enter.”

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Once you sense all the negative energy is gone, you need to open a circle for your spellwork. This is a circle of protection and is a vital step in all spellwork. This practice ensures only malevolent spirits answer your call and are allowed to enter your circle of light and protection.

Types of Circles of Protection

There are several methods for creating a circle of protection. Some practitioners prefer to create a circle using salt on the floor while reciting a prayer or chant/mantra. You can also make up your own prayer or mantra. Other spellworkers prefer creating a circle or bubble of white light that encapsulates them as the ideal method. To create this protection, simply visualize a bubble of white light encasing the room above the ceiling, outside the walls, and underneath the floor for a true bubble of protection.

Step Three: Casing Your Baby Spell

Remember that a spell is a ritual created by you for this specific purpose. Always choose a place where you feel safe, protected, loved, and happy for performing this and any other spellwork. Use one you write yourself or try a candle spell for pregnancy or a spell for infertility.

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Spellcasting Energy and Personal Energy

Spellcasting is a highly personal undertaking. You want to be in a good frame of mind when undertaking a spell. Your personal energy infuses to combine with the magic power behind the spell. If you’re desperate in your longing for a child, this can negatively impact the spellwork. Wait until you’re in a better emotional space to perform the spell.

Inviting a Soul into Your Life

A pregnancy spell is an invitation to a soul waiting to be born into this world. Be specific about the type of soul you wish to be under your care. Make sure the image you portray to this soul is comforting, loving, inviting, happy, and full of love, otherwise, you may invite the wrong soul into your life. Below are three original spells that you can use.

Step Four: Close the Circle

Once you finish your spell you need to close the circle. There are many ways to close a circle just as there are to open one. If you used salt and performed your spell inside this physical circle, you will thank God, angels, guides, or spirits you addressed when first opening the circle. Repeat “Thank you” three times. You can also end with a prayer, chant, or mantra.

  • For a salt circle use your foot to break the circle, sweep up the salt, and bury it.
  • For the bubble of protection, simply thank your protectors.
  • For each method state out loud that you close the circle.

Candle Pregnancy Spell Example

You can create this fertility spell with a few simple ingredients and supplies, easily found online or at your local metaphysical or herb store. A candle spell is always very powerful and the best way to focus your energy and intent.

Gather Your Supplies

The first thing you want to do is gather all the necessary supplies and ingredients. If you’re an accomplished spellcaster, you can substitute various ingredients. However, if you’re a novice or new to casting a spell, it’s best to follow the spell as given.

  • Ink pen, either green (either gender) or a gender color if you have a preference a girl (pink) or boy (blue)
  • Small piece of white paper (color of purity)
  • 1 pair of disposable plastic gloves
  • Small bowl (fireproof)
  • Small disposable cup (optional)
  • Matches or lighter
  • Cotton swabs
  • Green taper or pillar candle (Be sure the color isn’t just an exterior coating but goes through the entire candle.)
  • Candle holder
  • 2 tablespoons liquid coconut oil or virgin olive oil
  • 1 drop of geranium essential oil
  • 1 drop of ylang-ylang essential oil
  • 1 teaspoon of dried chamomile flowers
  • Sandalwood incense

1. Dress the Candle

Don the pair of plastic gloves. To dress (anoint) the candle you’ll need to mix the coconut oil (or olive oil) with the geranium and ylang-ylang essential oils. This can be done in a bowl or a small disposable cup.

2. Rub Oil over the Candle

Once mixed, use a cotton swab and rub the mixed oils over the candle. You can infuse your own style into this process by singing, chanting, praying, or simply focusing on your desire to become pregnant.

  1. Once the candle is completely covered, set the dressed candle in the candle holder.
  2. Remove the gloves and throw them away along with the cotton swab.
  3. Store any leftover oil mixture in a glass vial or dispose of it in a sealed plastic bag.

3. Write Your Desire on Paper

Using the colored ink pen, you will write your intent and desire onto the white piece of paper. This should be a concise statement, such as, “I want to become pregnant with a healthy happy baby.” You may prefer to write the names you would use for a girl and a boy. The expression of your spell is entirely up to you and your mate.


4. Bundle Chamomile Flowers in Paper

Once you’ve finished writing your desire onto the paper, sprinkle the dried Chamomile flowers onto the paper. Bring the ends of the paper together and twist to create a tiny packet. Place this in the fireproof bowl for now with the lighter or matches beside it.

5. Cast Your Spell With Message to Your Child

You are ready to cast your spell. You can observe a moment of silence together, or repeat a prayer together. Hold hands and focus on your intent as you light the incense followed by lighting the candle. You can write and recite your own message and/or prayer to your child, together. You can use this message:

“We welcome the soul destined to join us as our child.

Come share our lives and know our love,

We promise to protect and care for you always,

Look into our hearts and realize how much we want you and will cherish you.

Hear our words and answer our invitation to join us now.”

6. Burn the Paper Message

Lift the paper packet from the bowl and together light it, immediately setting it back in the bowl. While it burns, focus on the love and desire you have for your baby. Continue to watch the flames as the smoke rises from it, carrying your love and message to your baby.

7. Allow Candle to Self-Extinguish |  Conception Spell

You want to allow the candle to burn away completely. Most couples prefer to continue watching the candle flame imagining their lives together with their baby. It’s never recommended to leave a burning candle unattended. You may need to place a plate or tray underneath the candleholder to prevent melting wax from running over onto the table.

8. Bury the Remains of Your Ritual

Once the candle has burned down and extinguished, you’ll need to gather it, along with the ashes in the bowl and place it in a glass jar. You will then bury the jar to complete the baby spell.

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