Buddha supernatural powers

Buddha supernatural powers

Buddha supernatural powers. Supranormal powers the historic Buddha was said to have possessed and exercised include the six higher knowledge: psychic abilities, clairaudience, telepathy, recollection of one’s own past lives, seeing the past lives and rebirths of others, and the extinction of mental intoxicants.

Psychic Abilities. Following his enlightenment, the Buddha was said to have possessed and discussed several supranormal powers attainable through meditation. Such abilities include walking on water, walking through walls, becoming invisible, levitation, and making copies of himself.
Nonetheless, supernatural power is not something so “supernatural” after all because the Buddha actually delivered a Dharma about it in Akankheyya Sutta of the Majjhima-Nikaya. Supernatural power is actually a naturally occurring by-product of someone who has achieved mastery of the samadhi meditation (the single-pointed focus of mental power).

Do Buddhists believe in the supernatural?! What are the 5 powers in Buddhism?! Was Buddha a superhuman?! What is Buddhist power?!

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What are some good books on miracles and superhuman powers in Buddhism?

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When it comes to understanding the Buddha-Dharma, the teaching of supernatural power is seldom the topic mentioned by most Dharma teachers. In fact, for those who value “scientific proof” as a “rational” way of validating the truth, supernatural power is something to be shunned at all costs.
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