A SPELL TO MAKE SOMEONE GIVE YOU MONEY, Use this powerful spell to change once and for all this terrible situation. We will use some white magic to make your partner, spouse or any man give you money.

Whatever the amount, these money spell attract the money you need will be effective. Not just the money that you deserve and he must give you, but maybe also some extra cash and even gifts

Have you noticed that money does not reach you and you are now fully responsible for your finances? Maybe your husband is using the money in other types of entertainment such as women, friends, and liquor?


  1. Cut the potato into two halves and choose one of the halves
  2. Get the three coins and push them into the potato half you have chosen
  3. Therefore you place the person’s photo on top of the piece of potato where you previously placed the coins.
  4. In addition put the two halves of the potato back together and tie them with the red string, using an odd number of knots, maybe 3, 5 or 7 knots, however Always focusing and visualizing the money you will get.
  5. After that using your right hand you will take the green candle and with the left hand the potato. Above all you will repeat the Lord’s Prayer three times.
  6. Between each repetition, most importantly you will state your request for money while closing your eyes. Use the first name of that person. Say it out loud and request the amount of money that you want.
  7. Similarly after saying the prayer 3 times, certainly you will meditate and visualize having the money in your right hand.
  8. Once the green candle has burnt all the way, you will take the potato and bury it in your garden or in a plant pot.
  9. Take good care of the plant. Do not let it wither and every time you water it, add a little honey, to keep it sweetened and always attracting money to you.
  10. Near the pot or even buried in its dirt, you will place the image of Saint Pancras. You should regularly light the white candle for a few minutes and say your request aloud again.

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NOTE : The 3 coins should be of the highest denominations and its important that these coins have ever been in that persons wallet. The image of Saint Pancras is also important. In case you can’t find one, you can print it off the Internet.

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