A Leader Is Born Spell. Others believe that the leadership is learned. That when a person is taught the correct psychological way to lead people, then a person will have the tools to becomes a true leader. Then, there are people like me, who believe that with both learned and born traits a person has, that then can contribute to successful leadership. This is a question that has been asked for years. Both scholars and professionals in the field have researched to see is there was a definitive answer to the questions, and all have come back with different ideas. Some believe that one indeed had to be born with the attributes of a leader. 

Casting Instructions for ‘A Leader is Born’

Chant the following words: By the Moon I wish to become a leader For (insert how long you want to lead for) I wish to lead for…. I believe I will make the perfect leader…. So mote it be!Say this once or more if you wish to. Spell effects have been known to wear off so you may want to chat it more than once. You can also cast this on others.

Is leadership learned or born?!Do you have to be born a leader?!When does emergence of leadership usually occur?!

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Natural Born Leaders? – Focus Online

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